The Russian Studies Centre Scientific-Research Laboratory created under the guidance of the Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, Academician K.M.Abdullayev in 2017 is the only centre conducting researches on Russia in our country today.

The aim of establishing the Laboratory is to develop the cooperation with the educational, scientific and cultural organizations of the Russian Federation, and cooperate with the specialized Universities and structures of Russia in the frames of agreed relations.

The Russian Studies Centre Scientific-Research Laboratory is planning to cooperate with Moscow State Linguistics University, Ural Federal University after the First Russian President B.Yeltsin, the State Russian Language Institute after A.S.Pushkin, Moscow City Pedagogical University and the appropriate institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and organize seminars, discussions, conferences in  the frames of this cooperation.

The Russian Studies Centre Scientific-Research Laboratory will be one of the organizers of the international conferences related to Russia’s history, culture, religion, politics and legislation.

The Laboratory envisages cooperation with the Azerbaijani diaspora in Russia and the Russian community in Azerbaijan.

The Russian Studies Centre Scientific-Research Laboratory is planning to establish relations with the research and coordination institutions, Russia’s “The Development Foundation of Science”, “The Russian Foreign Trade House after Alexander Solzhenitsyn”, “MAPRYAL”, and in Azerbaijan: with “The Russian Information and Cultural Centre in Baku” the Russian community, “Rossotrudnichestvo”, etc.

The Laboratory is planning to arrange the Azerbaijani translation of the scientific works of the Russian scholars – politicians, lawyers, thinkers – the AUL students’ field and pedagogical practice in the village of Ivanovka in the Azerbaijani district of Ismayilly, and the publication of the scientific-methodological and educational materials for the courses “Russian History”, “The Legal System of the Russian Federation”, “Russian Culture”, “Russia’s Culture”, “The Russian Language”, “The Ethnography of Russia”, “Russian as the Language of Specialization”, “Russian as a Foreign Language”, etc.

The obligations of the Laboratory are very significant, and its successful activities are necessary for the academic and political life of Azerbaijan.


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