The German Reading Hall

The German Reading Hall was established by the joint cooperation of Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Goethe Institute Germany in 1998. At present the German Reading Hall is being supported by the Goethe Institute Georgia. Our Centre, first of all, functions as a library which has the total holding of 4630 items including the books published in German, CDs, and DVDs. Also, our reading hall is the subscriber to 6 newspapers and journals significant in Germany. Each month we receive these newspapers and journals by mail.

The German Reading Hall is cooperating with such famous publishing houses as “Hueber”, “Cornelsen”, “Klett-Langenscheidt” and the online bookstore “Pieper-media”, and each year online orders are made on the basis of the budget presented by the Goethe Institute enriching the resources of our centre. The German Reading Hall is one of the two centres at our university possessing an online catalogue on the page “Library Thing” ( After our orders are delivered, their registration is performed and they are included in the online catalogue of the German Reading Hall.

Besides, as the German Reading Hall, we offer the online use of the other libraries, the materials in German to our readers. In this connection in 2015 the Goethe Institute presented the project “Onleihe” for the Azerbaijani readers as well, and there was an event dedicated to it at our reading hall, the booklets on the project were translated into Azerbaijani and published.

Our reading hall functions not only as a library. Beginning from each new academic year joint conversation hours are held weekly by the German specialists in our reading hall, and an exchange of views are conducted. Besides, events on different themes, in-service-training courses and seminars for teachers are organized in the hall jointly by DAAD Baku, the Goethe Institute Georgia and the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Germany to Baku. As there are Faculties training specialists in German Translation, German Philology and German Studies at the University, the establishment of the Centre has made its contributions to the teaching staff and students of the University. The Faculty of the University enjoys close relations with the Centre. The teachers who write a scientific work or an article make use of the resources of the Centre. Also, the teachers get here the materials on teaching German as a foreign language. The German Reading Hall has 2315 members at present (which includes both active and passive members). Not only the students of Azerbaijan University of Languages, but also the sufficient number of readers from such educational institutions as Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, the University of Economics and others try to make maximum use of it. Also, young researchers from the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan often visit the Centre. Our Centre can serve 30 people at the same time.

The following documents are required for the registration in the German Reading Hall:

1 colour photograph
an identity document

Note: Books can be borrowed for 1 month.

Newspapers, journals, DVDs and CDs are lended for 14 days.

Reference books – dictionaries, encyclopedias are to be used in the reading hall only and not given home.


The Staff Members of the German Reading Hall

Atakishiyeva Matanat Sarvaz gyzy – Senior expert

Mustafayeva Lamiya Mazahir gyzy – Senior expert


Contact with the German Reading Hall

Sunday-Friday  09:00-18:00

Tel: (+99412) 564-22-46

E-Mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Deutscher Lesesaal Baku-Alman oxu zalı