Circulation policy


There are a number of rules for those who want to use the materials of the Scientific Library and Information Service Center.

The library's collections are available in the reading rooms and the subscription hall.

Employees and students of the Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​can use the collections of the Scientific Library and Information Service Center.

Membership rules

Students and publishers of the Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​are automatically given the opportunity to become members of the Library Department of the Scientific Library and Information Service Center. To use reading rooms, collections and services, they must first register.

Required materials

ID cards;

Student card;

Copy of 1 picture.

 Registration is free.

Foreign users will be able to become members of the SLISC. Their membership expires at the end of the academic year and must be renewed.

Borrowing period

The number of loan periods is different for students and employees.

In the case of a single copy, the loan may be issued for a period of 7 days with the consent of the SLISC staff. The user cannot take more than 3 fiction books at the same time.

Rules for teachers

Faculty members can borrow a total of 15 materials for one academic semester: Course textbooks and manuals.

The part-time teaching staff should send a letter of recommendation from the relevant department to the SLISC.

Rules for students

A total of 7 information carriers for master's students.

10 information carriers for students.

For employees

5 information carriers can borrow for 15 days:

Non-loan materials;


Last copy of the author;

Reference books;


CD-ROM, video, audio-tape, etc.

Library notes

The Library Service sends a notification to those who have late books.

The notice will be sent to the local address you provided to the University

.Notifications shall be sent if the information carrier is delayed for more than 28 days.

Delayed materials

The service provided to persons with loan privileges Scientific Library and Information Service Center  is suspended if they keep their materials for 50 days or more. Privileges will be restored only after the resources are returned.

Penalties for lost or damaged books

Lost or damaged books should be replaced and repaired with similar names. Any lost or damaged funds must be reimbursed 3-10 times the original price on the basis of a special decision.

If the address is changed

Each user must inform the library staff if the address is changed.