Student Youth Organization

ASU Student Youth Organization (STU) is a self-governing body of students, a platform that creates various opportunities for students' personal and professional development.


The strategy of the Student Youth Organization consists of the following:


• strengthening of employment in student self-government;


• use of non-formal education methods for individual development of students;


• creation and support of clubs on three areas of interest to effectively organize students' free time;


• conducting various actions to strengthen students' citizenship position and form their social responsibility


• expanding the number of organizations and institutions with which it cooperates in order to create new perspectives for students and graduates.


Every student who becomes a member of TGT becomes a member of a big family. The members of ASU Student Youth Organization take advantage of the opportunities of TGT and become department heads, club heads, designers, teachers, photographers, etc. they can try in professions.


ASU Student Youth Organization regularly organizes sports competitions among students, intellectual game and debate tournaments, excursions and charity actions, meetings with outstanding athletes, etc.