The Austrian Centre

The Austrian Centre at Azerbaijan University of Languages consists of two sections:

The OeAD – the Austrian Exchange Service

The Baku Information Centre of the Austrian Exchange Service began officially to function on 26 May 2015 at Azerbaijan University of Languages in accordance with the agreement signed between Azerbaijan University of Languages and the OeAD – the Austrian Exchange Service. The biggest Austrian organization for international cooperation, the  Austrian Exchange Service was established in 1961 on the basis of the joint decision of the Austrian universities. It is of an inimitable importance in the development of Austria’s educational and scientific potential and represents the education system of the country on a world scale. The organization mainly aims to conduct exchanges in science and education, support internationally the scientific and cultural cooperation and integration processes. The OeAD offers a wide range of scholarships working closely with the Director General of the Commission for Science and Culture in the European Union as well as international and national organizations, ministries and scientific and educational institutions.

The obligations of the OeAD Baku Centre are:

Regular consultations on the Austrian educational and scholarship programs in order to develop the student mobility between Azerbaijan and Austria;
The establishment of relations with the other Austrian representations (especially the Austrian Embassy to Baku, the Representation of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Baku, the Austrian Library) as well as the mediating Azerbaijani cultural and educational organizations;
The organization of services to be rendered in Azerbaijan to the Austrian representations as an official representative of the OeAD-GmbH (the arrangement of the accommodations and the programs of meetings to be held with the ministries, state institutions and universities in the frames of the visits);
The organization of exhibitions, lectures, film and musical events at the Azerbaijani universities jointly with the Austrian library as well as the scientific conferences and symposia to be held in Azerbaijan.

The ÖSD Examination Centre

The ÖSD Examination Centre began officially to function at our University on 17 March 2016 in accordance with the agreement signed between Azerbaijan University of Languages and the ÖSD Ltd. The ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom)  is known in the entire world as an examination centre presenting the Austrian Language Certificate for all the levels of German, and these certificates are considered officially acceptable  by the states of Austria, Germany as well as Switzerland on labour markets, at universities and other educational institutions as well as when obtaining the right to reside. The ÖSD examinations are held in accordance with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The ÖSD Baku Examination Centre holds examinations for A1-C1 levels of German four times a year.


Address: Bakı şəh., Rəşid Behbudov küç. 134, ADU, İnformasiya Resurs Kompleksi

E-mail: [email protected]


The Austrian Library


At present the Austrian Library functions in 57 countries. The Austrian Library in Baku was opened on 23 June 2010 in accordance with the agreement signed between Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Austrian Embassy to our country. In her speech at the opening ceremony Sylvia Meyer-Kaibic, the Ambassador of Austria to Azerbaijan said, “Austria is involved in the advocacy of its great culture. The opening of this library will serve the development of the relations between the two countries”. The holding of the library consists of 3000 books.

The Austrian library has been receiving a great financial support by the Austrian Embassy to Baku since the day of its opening. Each year the holding of the library is enriched by the new books paid for by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, the staff members of the library have a four-week training in Viena every year.

The Austrian Library is subordinated to the Department of International Relations functioning at Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Its Activity:

Each year the graduates of the Austrian Universities are sent to Azerbaijan University of Languages to undertake their internship on the basis of the OeAD student exchange program. The Austrian interns hold the German Conversation Club in the Library, organize the demonstration of films and presentations of books. Besides, the interns teach the courses “German” or “Country Studies” 2-4 hours per week at different faculties of Azerbaijan University of Languages.

The Terms of Membership to the Austrian Centre:

At present the number of the readers of the library reaches about 700 people.

There are books in German on literature, history, philosophy, politics, culture and art, also dvd-discs, newspapers and journals in the Austrian Libarary. Anyone interested in the German language can make use of the library. This requires a membership to the Centre and a reader’s card. The books in the Centre are lended with the identity card for a month.

The documents required:

The copy of the identification card
Two 3×4 size photos


The Staff members of the Austrian Library

Gurbanova Shahla ([email protected])

Guliyeva Khayala

Tel: (+99412) 441-58-60