Inclusive Education Center at Azerbaijan University of Languages

In order to ensure that young people with health problems  who need special care and attention get higher education, some strategies are being carried out in the direction of inclusive education at AUL.

Inclusive Education Center was established by order № 46 of AUL Rector acad. Kamal Abdullayev dated June 30, 2021, in order to promote  the service done on a country basis.

The formation of the Inclusive Education Center under the Department of Pedagogy of the University, the ongoing of the staff`s professionalism, and the organization of advanced training for specialists are the embodiment of our special susceptibility to this issue.

Currently, along with other students, autistic and disabled students also study at the Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Appropriate conditions have been promoted for their unimpeded  participation in the educational process. The areas listed are signifiant of a immensely inclusive culture.

We invite every young person who wants to get education of high quality and see himself as a member of our big family in the future to AUL.


Center’s Activities

Inclusion in education

Inclusion is the counsel of children with multicultural diversity, religious, cultural, racial differences, physical health restriction, learning difficulties, autism, Down syndrome, otherwise children with special skilled in education. The annual increment of children with non-standard developmental characteristics makes the topic even more significant. At present, various measures and multiple programs are being implemented in our country in order to solve these problems, and the legal and normative fundament is being updated. Among the documents, the “State Program for the advancement of inclusive education for people with disabilities in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018-2024” is of exceptional substantiality.

The Center’s “ Volunteer program ” likewise continues its work in the target of providing quality higher education to disabled students. According to the program, young specialists in inclusive area are ensured with the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills, organization of experience, training and implementation of various projects.

The Goals of the Inclusive Education Center

The main object in the formation of the Inclusive Education Center is to implement the requirements of the “ State Program for the Development of Inclusive Education for People with Health Disabilities in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2018-2024 ” and the realization of the requirements of the action plan consists of taking the necessary steps in this direction.

The Center’s main goals cover the folowing:

Organization of training, conferences, seminars and webinars related to innovative pedagogical approaches for the pedagogical staff of educational institutions, educational services, preparation of various projects in the field of inclusive education, staff training, preparation of special programs for the families of martyrs, veterans and other privileged persons to use the facilities of the center, diverse meeting the relevant training needs of children from the category, determining the necessary needs according to the developmental characteristics of the person, conducting consultations, providing correctional activities, determining the private food ration, prescribing food supplements, intensives (with international level specialists), rehabilitation, effective organization of leisure time, from the sensitive category establishing psychological work with children's parents, providing them with promote during diagnosis, preparing a joint action plan, regulating cooperation with parents for long-term and quality action.

Services of Inclusive Eudcation Center

1. Specialist training;

2. Collaborating  with parents;

3. Public education;

4. Organization of work with disabled people;

5. International cooperation.

For contact

Center for Inclusive Education (CINE)

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