Holistic Ethical Organizational Culture Policy

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·  Organizational Culture is recognized as shared values, beliefs and behaviors that have influence on the work environment. This policy is mainly aimed at preventing misbehaviours due to the cultural differences.  The mission of this policy is to foster and promote behaviors considering ethical values, including diversity, honesty, respect, and fairness through making framework and guidance on ethical organizational culture.

Legal Base

·  The policy is prepared full compliance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as, The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan relevant legal regulations, the Azerbaijan Labor Code and Occupational Health and Safety Law concerning employee rights and ensuring workplace fairness. On the other hand, the policy is based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Current Situation

·  Azerbaijan University of Languages, in its turn, aims to reflect the core values of the university and shape its operations with ethical principles. This policy aims to provide a fair, transparent, and ethical working environment by fulfilling AUL’s responsibilities to society.

·  AUL is  working to strengthen and enhance the relationship between organizational culture and corporate ethics. Continuous efforts are made to educate and raise awareness among employees, students, and other stakeholders about ethical values.

·  This policy aims to improve AUL in these areas and further strengthen its organizational culture and ethical values. Accordingly, efforts will be made to address and improve identified weaknesses in the current situation, in line with the principles of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement.