Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy

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A Medical Center operates at the Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​for the elimination of health and health care problems of teachers. The Medical Center provides first aid to students and teachers who apply with various symptoms and, if necessary, refers them to the appropriate hospital for a more accurate diagnosis.

At the station, medical specialists also guide students on reproductive health, have regular conversations with them, and provide psychological and physical support.


1. This policy sets out the University’s arrangements and commitment to Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare to ensure a safe environment for work and study.

2.  This Policy and all relevant University health and safety requirements apply to all University premises whether owned or leased. These requirements also apply to all employees, students, contractors, visitors and others while on the University premises or undertaking or taking part in any of the University’s activities.

3. In developing this policy, the University has taken full account of the nature of the hazards involved in its activities. It has assessed the associated risks and implemented control strategies to ensure the University’s premises provide safe environments, and that all attending the University are safe. The University's Health and Safety Policy is therefore unique and has been designed solely to allow the University to meet its legal obligations under health and safety legislation.

4. All of these also form part of AUL Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy.

Statement of intent

The University is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for workers, students and visitors, who undertake activities within, or for, the University. The University recognises this as essential for achieving a healthy and productive workforce, positive learning outcomes for students, and the safe enjoyment of university facilities by all.

This policy recognises that health, safety and wellbeing is a shared responsibility. The University commits to both compliance with all health and safety-related statutory requirements, and to creating a culture that considers health, safety, and wellbeing as a fundamental component of the University environment.

The University undertakes the following activities to provide an environment that supports the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers, students and visitors:

 To cooperate with the University on matters of health, safety and wellbeing.

 To be aware of emergency procedures. 

 Be aware of both University and local standards and procedures.

 Be aware of local hazards in your area.

 To report any concerns you may have regarding health, safety and wellbeing.

 That activities involving events, field trips and placements are risk assessed and are safe to undertake;

 Ensure compliance with Health and Safety and other relevant legislation, regulations, Health, Safety and Welfare standards at  AUL.

Smoking Policy

Azerbaijan University of Languages operates a no-smoking policy. Neither smoking nor vaping are not allowed anywhere on the premises or at the entrances.

Food Hygiene Regulations

The University canteen provides healthy and affordable food for all on campus, including students, as well as academic,  administartive and technical staff. The canteen provides diverse food for different categories of consumers. Vegetarian and gluteen-free choices are also availabe. Prices are much more inexpensive than in regular places. 

Every person working in a food handling area shall maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and shall wear suitable, clean and, where appropriate, protective clothing.


·        White aprons within kitchen areas

·        White skull cap or chef’s hat

·        Clean and comfortable shoes should be worn to reduce the risk of slipping or falling