Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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Azerbaijan University of Languages strives to proactively create a working and learning environment free of discrimination and victimization. This Policy will help the University foster a good culture in which all members of the community are treated with dignity and respect. Discriminatory behavior and treatment will not be permitted.


All forms of discrimination are prohibited by the university. AUL's mission is to advance an understanding, polite, and accepting culture where everyone, regardless of their identification, may reach their full potential.

Effective equality, diversity, and inclusion practices ensure clear, fair, and accessible services for both internal and external stakeholders at the university. It is important to guarantee that people are treated equally, receive the respect and dignity that they deserve, and that their diversity is acknowledged

Equality statement

Azerbaijan University of Languages is fully committed to respect and fair treatment for everyone, eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity and delivering fairness to all.

In addition to being compliant with the equality laws, the University also supports diversity and promotes equality of opportunity for all staff and students regardless of their:

·        Age

·        Gender

·        Disability

·        Marriage

·        Pregnancy and Maternity

·        Race

·        Religion or Belief

·        Sexual Orientation

·        Financial disadvantages

·        Freedom to choose areas of research and to speak and teach publicly about the area of their research


Goals of the Policy

· To guarantee that representatives of diverse racial, gender, religious, age, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as individuals with disabilities, have equal rights. 

· To ensur that members of the university community get equitable treatment following a set of rules, policies, and other state laws.

· To encourage equal opportunities, do away with discrimination, and change prejudices based on one's background.

· To promote inclusivity and equity to build a community where people feel respected and like they belong. 

· To provide a framework and reference point, as well as to raise awareness of inclusion, diversity, and equality. 

· To guarantee involvement from a variety of administrative and academic positions, as well as from student representatives and voices from committees and groups.

· To soupport academic freedom (Freedom to select study topics, as well as the ability to lecture and teach in public about those topics).

The Legal Base

The legal base of the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy (hereinafter – EDI) is based on the respective provisions of the respective legislations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Decrees, and (or) the orders of the President and the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Labor Code and the Law on Education and other related legal documents


All employees, researchers, students, and those who apply to work or study at the university are covered by the policy. The principles of equality of opportunity and non-discrimination also apply to the way guests, staff members, contractors, service providers, suppliers, and everybody else involved in the operations of the university should be treated.

Current situation

 The University encourages academics, administrators, and students to pay attention to policies of equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

  The University encourage people to demonstrate their support for equal rights and bring attention to injustices.

  The University often hosts training courses, workshops, and informational meetings for staff and students.

All students can meet directly with the Rector on Wednesday of every week, and solve their appeals and complaints for all kinds of unfair behavior. 

There is The Quality Assurance Department which performs and investigates any violation cases on equality, diversity, and inclusion and monitors the implementation of the policy

This Quality Assurance Department conducts surveys for students, and based on the results, concerns are addressed before taking any further action. If unfair behavior is reported, a timely and thorough investigation is initiated. Following that, take prompt action and notify the people in charge of the problems. The department also conducts student-teacher, and student self-assessment surveys, preparation of reports, and preparation and implementation of measures based on the obtained results.

The Appeal Commission is established through the exam period, and students may submit complaints to The Appeal Commission at any time. 

Freedom of Choice

Research Freedom: AUL promotes research freedom by allowing students to explore a broad range of research subjects and methodologies and fostering a culture of innovation and intellectual exploration.

Academic Freedom: AUL respects the idea of academic freedom, making sure students are free to follow their interests and goals in learning, investigate a wide range of subjects, and make decisions about their academic careers.

Student Club Freedom: AUL supports the freedom of choice in student clubs by TGT (Student Youth Organization). Students are encouraged to initiate and join clubs that align with their passions and hobbies.

Freedom in Extracurricular Activities: AUL respects students' freedom to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, ensuring students can take part in events, sports, and cultural activities that relate to their interests.

Respect for Diversity of Thought: AUL students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to engage in open communication and intellectual exchange by creating an inclusive atmosphere that values diversity of opinion and ideas.