Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies

For more details see: Anti-harassment and anti discrimination policy

Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies make it clear that harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, and set standards and expectations for behaviour. An anti-harassment or anti-discrimination policy describe the types of behaviour that are discriminatory or harassing, and send the message that these issues are taken seriously.

Azerbaijan University of Languages’s, in its turn, make sure that all the  human beings of the university regardless of their gender, age, races, national origins, religions, physical or mental impairment  accept the right to grace and respect. This policy is realized through the following steps :

·       All students can get in touch with the Rector directly on Wednesdays and address their problems according to any kind of misbehavior including any kind of harassment and discrimination.


·       Hosts seminars, trainings, explanatory conferences for students and employees about these issues.



·       Sudents, if considering that their exam papers are checked unfairly, can easily apply to Dean’s office and write an application for organizing an appeal. They have a pure right to look through their exam papers with teachers, and ask any questions aroused.


·       Furthemore, academic consultants are directly in touch with students. If there any problems, students can talk and consult them openly and friendly.

·       Foreign students are involved in the activities with the local students and take part in different occasions and organizations, being a part of AUL family.




·       Department of Psychology has a center called “ AUL- Psychological Service Center. In this center teachers of the department periodically held  trainings for students about mental health, coping with a daily-life stress, as well as, students can talk about their problems to the  specialists either in a group or personally.