Environmental sustainability

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Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) places a great emphasis on sustainability and is committed to demonstrating, promoting and disseminating best practices in environmental and social responsibility across diverse activities. We are committed to functioning as an institution contributing to sustainable development, social responsibility, good governance and environmental consciousness. Sustainability is one of the key elements of the University's Strategic Plan. We pro-actively and continually work towards ensuring a sustainable future in all spheres of the University activities and disseminating best practices to future generations of students and teachers. AUL initiates and supports steps that go hand-in-hand with green policy, efficient resources utilization, waste and recycling, and biodiversity. Among the first Universities, AUL developed and implemented a course on sustainable development for undergraduate level.

AUL has also been taking successful measures aimed at improving its performance regarding energy consumption, biodiversity, water usage and waste disposal, tree planting. This strategy aims at further developing these initiatives and establishing and embedding working methods that continue to promote sustainable and ethically responsible use of natural resources.

Biodiversity and ecosystems are an integral element of Azerbaijan University of Languages. Certainly, the University operations impact biodiversity as well as the habitats and ecosystems present. On May 19 2023, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, a tree-planting action was held by the university stuff as part of a series of events held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages.

 Academician Kamal Abdulla, Rector of AUL, faculty members and staff of AUL, university students participated in the greening action.

The event took place in the main educational building of AUL and the campus located at Tabriz Street.81

 The purpose of tree planting events is to commemorate the dear memory of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, who always attached great importance to the increase of greenery and making environment healthier and to continue the national leader's traditions of caring for nature and greenery

Within the framework of the sustainability strategy, we use our best efforts to facilitate the effective control and management of possible environmental impacts generated by on-campus and off-campus operations of AUL. By doing so we also enhance the student experience in the related sphere and contribute to an improved reputation of the Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Water is among the most valuable resources the efficient consumption of which is often overlooked. The University is committed to implementing and disseminating best practices in the management of water consumption. Among the short-term tasks is he replacement of aging water distribution infrastructure with a new one, which enables efficient water consumption. The university is also using underground water for cleaning on the campus and irrigation.

Water sub-metering system has been renewed to manage incoming water supplies and to control wastewater discharge

In order to efficiently use water resources in Azerbaijan, an promote campaign called "Bir Damci" (“One drop”) is being continued.

 In order to expand the scope of the campaign, in addition to the advertisement, street advertisements and posters were placed in different parts of the city, advertisements were broadcasted on radio stations, and interactive content was shared on social networks.

 In order to inform the students at the Azerbaijan University of Languages, posters and promotional boards were put on the walls, and awareness rising conversations were held among the students.

The campaign is organized jointly by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, "Azersu" JSC, Azerbaijan Reclamation and Water Management JSC and IDEA Public Union

Since February 23, IDEA Public Union has launched a new project dedicated to the collection and recycling of paper and plastic waste in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and the Azersun company within the framework of the waste management program.

 Within the framework of the project, it is planned to place special sorting boxes for paper and plastic waste in higher education institutions. As a pilot phase of the project, a total of 200 containers were delivered to Baku State University, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azerbaijan Language University, Azerbaijan Technical University and Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

AUL has recognised that while there is a base level of waste that will be generated by the normal operation of the University, the impact of overzealous resource consumption will have a negative impact on waste volumes and the University’s environmental impact. There is therefore an immediate need to adopt more sustainable operating practices that reduce over consumption and thus prevents the resource consumption at source, rather than managing it via the waste disposal process. As waste is generated by everybody using the University facilities, there will need to be actions taken by all to reduce those volumes.

05 march, 2018, Environmental issue in AUL bulletin. The bulletin of the International Department of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, "Outside the Box", contains an educational section on the reproduction of paper.

 In the section entitled "Let's change every paper to a leaf", attention was paid to the recycling of used paper and awareness work was carried out among students. It is believed that raising awareness and engendering a change in behaviour is a key element in recycling and waste management.