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The main purpose of this policy is to offer safe, affordable, and inclusive accommodation to students studying at Azerbaijan Language University (AUL). This policy strives to create a living environment that promotes both personal and academic development by adhering to sustainability principles such as good health and well-being, quality education, planned facilities with green building standards, and water conservation measures.


The accommodation policy sets out the procedures for providing support to students and staff in the University accommodation. This policy serves to develop an effective accommodation strategy that is in the best interests of the university, students and staff.

Current situation

The dormitory of Azerbaijan University of Languages is located in Mirza Abbas Sharifzade 4, Baku city. The general building consists of 5 floors and 4 blocks at the same time. Each floor of the dormitory is equipped with a kitchen for cooking, as well as sanitary facilities.

A continuous heating system is installed in all rooms and can be viewed during the winter months. The dormitory is provided with a high-speed internet system for participating in classes and keeping in touch with their families. There are rooms for 2, 3, and 4 people on each floor. The dormitory is protected by a strong security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A reading room has been created on the 1st floor for students to spend their free time. This hall is suitable for use in winter and summer months - heating and cooling systems are installed. In addition to being provided with an internet system, the hall is equipped with books by authors from the world literature as well as national literature. Disinfection works are carried out 2 times as a result of preventing the danger of any infection in the wound. Our dormitory has its own yard surrounded by different kinds of trees. Students spend their free time sitting on the benches in the yard, relaxing and studying. Currently, foreign students also live in the dormitory.

Policy Purpose

AUL Accommodation Policy aims to eliminate any barriers that may prevent students from fully participating in academic activities or using campus resources.

We are committed to ensuring the academic success and well-being of all students.

 Our accommodation policy aims to allow students to overcome obstacles and achieve their maximum potential.

By fulfilling individual needs and making necessary changes, universities help students focus on their studies and achieve their educational goals.

Legal base

The legal foundation of the Accommodation Policy is established through the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Presidential Decrees, Cabinet of Ministries' orders, Azerbaijan University of Languages’ Charter, Decisions of the Azerbaijan University of Languages Scientific Council, as well as international standards applicable to University’s accommodation policies and other pertinent legal documents.

SWOT analysis:



Cost less than apartments

The proportion of accessible settlements to population students

Strong security system






High speed internet

High maintenance costs

Interest of investors in construction

High maintenance costs


AUL will implement the placement strategy through the following points:

• Conduct an extensive assessment of needs to determine which students require accommodations. This involves gathering information about disabilities, medical issues, and other special needs through confidential discussions with students and appropriate paperwork.

• Reassure students, faculty, and staff understand the placement process and any associated support service. Give directions on how to submit a request for accommodations, required documents, and the rights and responsibilities of each person concerned.


The main goal of this arrangement is to provide safe, affordable, and all-inclusive accommodation alternatives to students studying at Azerbaijan University of Languages. This policy seeks to ensure good health and well-being, well-organized workplaces with quality education, and a living environment that supports sustainability standards such as water conservation efforts. This policy also ensures that the university provides support (e.g., food, housing, transportation, legal services) to students from low-income families to help them graduate.

Scope of the Policy

The Accommodation Policy covers all placement-related decisions made by the AUL, University Management, and relevant departments.

Planned Activities

By Students:

• Student Committees: For overseeing the maintenance and sustainability

practices in dormitories.

• Channels for Feedback: Engaging in active participation to provide feedback for the goal of enhancing accommodations.

By University Management:

• Regular internal audits: Of university accommodations to ensure they

meet standards.

• Safety regulations: It is imperative to ensure that all accommodations

adhere to the required fire safety and other essential regulations.

• Collaborations: Engage in partnerships with local enterprises to develop

sustainable strategies in the realm of accommodations, such as garbage management.

• Training Sessions: Designed for the purpose of improving the skills and

knowledge of dormitory management and staff members.

• Community Engagement: Initiatives designed to foster meaningful connections between students and local communities to enhance their overall

living experience.

• Socially vulnerable groups: The policy also ensures the provision of exceptions

and financial support to students and employees from socially disadvantaged

groups signifying a commendable commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in higher education and employment.

Monitoring and Reporting

This Policy is reviewed at least once a year by the Quality assurance and monitoring department of our University. The University administration and relevant departments are responsible for monitoring and reviewing this policy. On an annual basis, students' feedback questionnaires are regularly administered.

Resource Allocation

 Resource allocation is as following:

• Accommodation Development Fund refers to the allocation of financial resources dedicated to the continuous improvement and maintenance of lodging facilities.

• Technological Advancements: The integration of sustainable technologies, such as solar panels, into various systems and processes.

• Human resources: The recruitment of competent individuals to oversee and uphold the management of accommodation