Student-led society policy

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The main point of student-led society policy is to use the intellectual and resourceful capabilities of student-led organizations at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) in order to effectively engage them in the university's dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strengthen AUL's sustainability standing.

The main directions of this policy of AUL can be listed as below :

 Student Youth Organization. Student Youth Organization of AUL regularly organizes sports competitions among students, intellectual game and debate tournaments, excursions and charity actions, meetings with outstanding athletes, etc. Being a self-governing organ of the students,SYO aims to protect the rights of students, identify their potential, expand the scope of the student network, direct their minds to the future, support them to build their strategy, arrange interesting leisure time. This organization also helps to improve students’ specialties and to expand their interests in different fields.

The members of AUL Student Youth Organization also take advantage of the opportunities and become department heads, realizing themselves in different positions, as well as, practicing the future work life.