Sustainable Procurement Policy

For more details see: Sustainable Procurement Policy

Main Points

1. Procurement Policy of  Azerbaijan University of Languages is a set of guidelines to make sure that purchases consider the environment, society, and the economy. This means AUL is trying to be more responsible with its spending by reducing any negative impacts in these areas. University is also committed to getting better at understanding these issues over time.

2. This policy explains how AUL will buy things (goods, services, and works) from outside suppliers. It focuses on getting the most out of the university's budget by making sure they get the best value for their money. The policy details the important rules, steps involved, who's responsible for what, the systems used, and how they'll make sure everything is done correctly.

3. This policy works in harmony with other university policies, like sustainable investment, ethical conduct, and anti-bribery ones.This policy aims at getting the most out of the university's spending with outside vendors. here's what we consider when buying things:

  • Upfront price isn't everything. We factor in all costs over time, including delivery, setup, running the product, fixing it, and eventually getting rid of it.
  • Does it actually meet our needs?
  • How socially responsible and sustainable is the product and the company that makes it?
  • How will it affect the environment?
  • Will the supplier be reliable and provide good service? and etc.

4. In the last years, Azerbaijan University of Languages has invested significantly in sustainability efforts. Our university decrease paper usage to protect trees.