Honorary Doctors

Bujar Nishani

Bujar Nishani, Albanian statesman , was the President of Albania from 24 July 2012.

B.Nishani was born in Durres, Albania, on 29 September, 1966.

In 1988 he graduated from the Military Academy in Tirana. In 90s he moved to the USA  and graduated from the University of San Antonio (Texas) in 1996. Upon completing his postgraduate course at a University in California, he received his degree in 1997.

In 1991 he joined the Democratic Party of Albania.

In 1997 he returned to Albania. After the Democratic Party’s defeat during the elections to the People's Assembly in 1997, he served as the Chairman of the "Euro-Atlantic Military Forum" non-governmental organization.

In 2005, he received his Master's degree on European Studies.

From 2007 B.Nishani served as Minister of Interior; from September 2009, when Albania joined NATO, he took office as the Minister of Justice and in 2011 was appointed back to the position of Minister of Interior.

B.Nishani won the 2012 Albanian presidential elections and took office on 24 July 2012 and was at the head of Albania until July 2017.

During his visit to Baku for the V Global Forum 2017,  B.Nishani visited the Azerbaijan University of Languages on 17 March, and was awarded an honorary doctorate by a decision of the AUL Academic Council.