International Relations Department

The Department aims at expanding the international relations of Azerbaijan University of Languages, as well as organizing the effective development of its cooperation with a number of prestigious educational institutions of the world assisting its integration to the international education system.

The Department is responsible for the coordination of foreign citizens' admission, educational process and documentation (registration etc.) of students at preparation courses; the creation of the database of foreign teachers, staff and students, and relevant documentation related to their admission, mobility and dismissal; solving visa and registration issues of foreign teachers and students, as well as students who came within the program; conducting correspondence with various affiliated institutions, organizing events throughout the year with foreign students and teachers.

The activities of the International Relations Department are:

realization of the strategy of internationalization, and development of an action plan;
signing, development and evaluation of agreements with international partner universities;
increasing and management of the opportunities created for students in the frames of international partnership;
development and management of the mobility of students, staff members and researchers through bilateral university mobility agreements, various mobility programs such as Erasmus Mundus, TEMPUS, Erasmus+;
organization of international conferences, seminars and other events;
working with foreign citizens and establishment of mutual cooperation relations;
implementation of projects for the development of education system.

The main responsibilities of the Department are:

working with foreign citizens; organization of foreign citizens' education at the AUL, involvement of foreign teachers in the educational process of the AUL;
organization of exchange issues, international cooperation programs;
ensuring the participation of undergraduate, master, doctoral students and staff members in exchange programs;
establishing cooperation with foreign universities;
work of the centres operating at the AUL and implementation of protocol work;
Preparation of invitation letters and presentations, assistance with accommodation of foreign guests.

The main duties and functions of the Department also include the preparation of proposals aimed at establishing and developing business-like relations with a number of foreign universities and ensuring that other measures are taken. One of the main tasks of the department is to provide mutual exchange of AUL students and teachers within the framework of various international programs.

The Department also oversees the organization of all international events within the university, and organizes the official reception for foreign guests of the university.

The AUL conducts an exchange of experience with many educational institutions of the world. Internationalization is realized through bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements with universities, participation in international projects (including the projects financed by the European Union, the US State Department and others) and various mobility programs. In the last ten years over 500 students were sent to the world universities in the frames of these programs. Cooperation envisages the agreements, as well as training of teachers, joint research, development of resources (including the resources related to education and research) and the establishment of libraries and cultural centres. Various cultural and information-resource centres have been created on the initiative of France, the USA, Indonesia, Norway, India and Austria, including foreign embassies. The University hosts the affiliates of such prestigious organizations as the German Reading Hall and the Library of Austria functioning under the auspices of Confucius Institute and Goethe Institute OEAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst). The AUL also possesses an official permission to hold language tests TOEFL (the USA), AYÖS and OEAD (the German language). In 2010 and 2013 Azerbaijan University of Languages was the key coordinator of two TEMPUS projects, and since 2010 has been operating as a partner university in the TEMPUS, ERASMUS and ERASMUS mobility programs. Since 2011 the AUL has been cooperating with the universities of Turkey in the frames of the Movlana exchange program. Azerbaijan University of Languages is developing bilateral relations with the EU universities in the frames of Erasmus+KA1. As a result of these business-like relations a number of official contracts were signed envisaging the mutual cooperation relations with ITIRI Strasbourg and Bordeaux Universities (France), Murcia University (Spain), Fondazione Milano SCM (Italy), Hasan Kalyoncu and Hajitepe Universities (Turkey) and other universities. The AUL attaches great importance to the consistency of the development of relations with universities, is carrying out a dual BA diploma program, has had a long partnership with Glasgow University in BA and MA students’ mobility. The AUL is carrying out the Master Delocalization Diploma program for Professional Translation and Conference Interpreting with Strasbourg University. At present negotiations are being conducted to apply the same project in international relations too.

The relations with Norway are at a very high level. Since 2007 the AUL has been cooperating with Oslo and Agder Universities to train specialists in Norwegian. As a continuation of this cooperation financed by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Azerbaijan University of Languages has enabled the creation of the programs in Scandinavian Studies at BA level, the development of the resources in the frames of the program (including training of the teachers), the resourcing with books and teaching aids, the guarantee of the academic quality, also the development of the language skills of the students and academic staff in Norwegian through various language courses in Norway. The project has, as a whole, been evaluated as a pilot project by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and its continuity is supported.

Since 2009 the AUL has been hosting the CLS scholarship program envisaging the study of the Azerbaijani language and culture by the US State Department. The AUL has also taken the responsibility of management of CLS and Flagship programs for the US students envisaging the Turkish language and culture.

As a result of the structural changes aiming at the increase of the level of the educational process and training of specialists in different specialties at the AUL, the following centres have been established at the Department:

The American Centre
The Indonesian Research Centre
The Israel and Near Eastern Research Centre
The Hindi Language and Culture Centre
The Austrian Centre
France Information Centre
The Japanese Research Centre
The Italian Language Centre
The Francophoni University Centre
The German Reading Hall
The Korean Cultural Centre
The Spanish Language Centre
The Scandinavian Centre
The Serbian Language and Culture Center

In the nearest future, the centres of a number of other countries are also planned to be opened at the AUL.

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