ADU-nun tələbəsi İndoneziyada ölkəmizi təmsil edib

31 iyul, 2017

Gulnar Babazadeh, a fourth year student of the Indonesian Language and International Studies of the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), is studying in Denpasar, Indonesia, in the Indonesian province of Bali as part of the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship Program.

Gulnar Babazadeh's activity here is not limited to studying Indonesian language, Bali culture and art. She also takes part in various events and is also keen to promote the culture of Azerbaijan in Indonesia. For this purpose, our student represented our country at the International Tourism Fair "Hajj and Umrah", held in Surabaya on July 19-23, "Amphuri Islamic Travel Expo". Here, Gulnar briefed Indonesian participants about the geographical position, culture and nature of Azerbaijan, gave a short video about our country and performed the "Uzundere" dance. Our student says that her speech is of great interest: "I think participation in this event is very useful, because many people in Indonesia are limited in knowledge about Azerbaijan and there is a great need for propaganda for further development of relations between the two countries. I hope that I have adequately represented my country ".