ADU-nun elm şöbəsi Varşava Universitetinin doktoruna erməni təxribatları haqqında məlumat göndərib

Azərbaycan Dillər Universitetinin elm şöbəsi tərəfindən Polşa Varşava universitetinin doktoru Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyka Qarabağ həqiqətləri, erməni təxribatları haqqında məktub ünvanlanıb. Həmin məktubu təqdim edirik. 

"Due to late bombing of Azerbaijani territories of civilian targets and peaceful cities my country is experiencing very hard days.

There is  Casualties among the civilian population and destruction of civilian infrastructures as a result of the purposeful targeting by armed forces of Armenia the Azerbaijani cities located far from the line of contact, including Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, industrial city Mingachevir, as well as Khizi and Absheron regions.

Because of Armenia. We have been waiting 30 years for peaceful solving  our problem.The UNO has adopted 3 resolutions about the withdrawing occupants, but no reactions. During all this period young militaries and civils are being killed. In July they began attacks in another region Tovuz. Afterwards began  threatening  occupy Ganja. And then on 27 th of September their next provocation was made  and resulted with today's war.  

We don't want any war, our young people die, but it is the only way of getting lands back. My grandparents are from Shusha.I dream to visit this ancient city which was the center of culture, birthplace of most Azerbaijani composers, writers.Because of  attacks we have to stop our education process, there are no lessons. As an ordinary citizen of Azerbaijan and as a teacher  I kindly ask you to somehow affect this situation, pressure on Armenia.

 I am writing this letter to you and expecting condemnation of Armenian aggression, occupation of Azeri lands”.

Great Regards from Baku