Garibova Jale Ahmed gizi, Vice-Rector for International Relations at Azerbaijan University of Languages (October, 2004), Doctor of Philosophy in linguistics, Associate Professor.
Jale Garibova was born in Baku in 1963.
1970- 1978- secondary education at school 190 at Baku.
1978- 1982- music college student (piano teacher specialization).
1982- 1987-Azerbaijan Language University student, major in “Teacher of foreign languages” (English).
1990—1993-defended dissertation titled “Quantitative category development in Turkic languages” at Linguistics Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science. 
Doctor of Philosophy in linguistics.

Working experience
1987-1990- a secondary school teacher at Boyuk Hamya village of Siyazan region of Azerbaijan.
1990-1993-a teacher of English at Azerbaijan University of Languages.
1995-1997- Head of the Chair of Foreign languages at Western University. J.Garibova implemented a number of international projects on interactive methods of language teaching and students’ knowledge evaluation.
2001- 2003 –Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs at Western university. She led the scientific research and international relations activities of the University, developed and implemented international cooperation projects.
2004-2007- Head of the Chair of International Relations at Azerbaijan University of Languages.
Since October 2004- Vice-Rector for International Relations at Azerbaijan University of Languages.

J. Garibova is the author of some local and international projects on the higher education integration into the international educational space and its modernization. Various programs were conducted by her in close cooperation with the European Union, American Education Council, British Consulate and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). In the framework of collaboration with the different foreign universities Jale Garibova created the number of successful exchange programs, many of which are still being used.
Among them are dual diplomas project in Azerbaijan (realized in cooperation with Essex University) and delocalization project (in cooperation with Strasbourg University).
During her tenure AUL became the first Azerbaijan university to win European Union`s TEMPUS grant. It got two grants -for the translation specialty modernization in 2010 and for foreign language learning for professional use in 2013.
Jale Garibova carries out extended research activity in sociolinguistics. She`s the author of more than 60 articles, published in both local and international scientific literature; the author of 2 books and the coauthor of 3 books.


Phone: (+99412) 440-51-53