History of establishment the department of English Lexicology and Stylistics-2 within the faculty of Education

According to the order of the rector of AUL academician K. M. Abdullayev No. 1/290 dated 08.08.2017, two departments were created on the basis of the departments of stylistics of the English language and lexicology at the pedagogical faculty. The name of the department English lexicology was replaced by English lexicology and stylistics at the pedagogical faculty.

Because of the large number of employees in the departments of English Lexicology and Stylistics within the faculty of Education, English Lexicology and Stylistics within the faculty of Philology and Journalistic, new department was established on the basis of the faculty of Education and name of the department was called  English Lexicology and Stylistics–2 within the faculty of Education  as a continuation of structural changes carried out in Azerbaijan University of Languages under the decision No.139 dated 01.11.2017.

Under the decision No.1/577 dated 12.12.2017, PhD in Philology, associate professor  Huseynova  Mehriban  Alihuseyn was assigned to the position of Head of the department of English Lexicology and Stylistics–2 within the faculty of Education.

Mission of the chair :

  • holding lectures, laboratory, practical, workshop and other academic loads specified in the curriculum at a high scientific – theoretical level for all types of education;
  •  management of course and diploma thesis (projects), practical and  other practices, individual classes of students;
  • holding course exams and tests;
  • organization and holding state exams;
  • organization of educational work among students
  • development of curriculum on the subjects taught in the department and submission them for approval in a proper manner, as well as, to review curriculum prepared by other departments;
  • preparation of textbook, educational supplies, methodical management and instructions, visual aids etc, to review textbook, educational supplies and teaching – methodical literature under the instruction of rector (faculty);
  • conducting scientific – research works, to manage scientific – research works of the students;
  • discussion of completed scientific – research works, to review them for application and publication in the production;
  • preparation and fulfillment individual plans of teaching, scientific –methodological and other works of the employees of the department;
  • studying and disclosing advanced work experience of academic teaching staff, separate departments of higher schools in the republic and foreign countries, helping young teachers in gaining teaching practice;
  • preparation and realizing events on use of modern technical means in teaching process;
  • scientific – pedagogical and scientific personnels;
  •  discussion and reviewing dissertations of teachers of the department and other claimants under the instruction of rector (faculty);
  •  establishment of relations with different institutions and organizations for the purpose of studying advanced practice and rendering them scientific –methodological aid;
  •  establishment of permanent relations with graduate students of higher education institutions and postgraduate graduates of these departments;
  • application of scientific knowledge.


Compound of the chair :

          As the result of reforms conducted in Azerbaijan University of Languages under the order No.1/495 dated 07.11.2017, academic teaching staff of the department of “English Lexicology and Stylistics-2” within the faculty of Education was approved as following:

1. Assoc.  Prof.  Mehriban   Alihuseyn Huseynova -  Head of  the chair

2. Assoc.  Prof. Aminat Mahammad Akbulatova

3. Assoc.  Prof.    Malahat  Akbar Valiyeva

4. Assoc.  Prof.  Zarina Natiq Aslanova

5. Ph. D. Khayala Shahverdi Aliyeva

6 .  Ph. D. Aynur Afsar Guliyeva

7. Ph. D. Seving Ibadulla Salimova

8.  Ph. D. Gunay Elgiz Tahirzadeh

9. Ph. D. Gulshan Akif Maharramova   

10. Ph. D.  Laila Sahib Gadimova

11. s.t. Mehriban Akshay Abdullayeva

12. s.t. Tarana Afat Zeynalova

13. s.t. Dilara Rashid Khanbabayeva

14. s.t. Sabina Sumqayit Mammadova

15. s.t. Mehriban Zeynal Hadjizadeh

16. t. Nargiz Samad Salimova

17. t. Azada Ramazan Mikayilova

18 t. Gunay Shakir Suleymanova  

19. t . Mahbuba Oktay Mammadli

20. t . Gunay Gara Garayeva

21. t. Gulnara Nazim Hadjiyeva

22. t. Ulkar Arif  Djafarova

 23. t. Mirzayeva Khuraman Rahib

 24. t. Mammadova Leyla Sadikh



1. s.assist. Durdana Tofik Aliyeva

2. assist. Subu Gulaga Aliyeva

                Disciplines taught  in the chair :

  1. Foreign language skills-1, Foreign language skills-2 (I course)

  2. Foreign language skills-3, Foreign language skills-4 (II course)

  3. Upper secondary reading and speech (III course)

 4. Advanced reading and speech (III course)

 5. Lexicology of the English language (III course)

6. Stylistics of the English language (III course)

7. Academic writing and reading (IV course)       




  Elective subjects

1. Culture with speech styles

 2. Conversational English Models

 3. English in Debates

 4. İmprove your English through speaking

 5. Strategic reading

 6. Fluency activities in communicative style

 7. English through Mass Media

 8. Nowdays English

 9. Communicative strategies


Masters  level:

Linguistics (the English language)

Language and Culture

Contact : Switchboard  - 012 564 -06-41 / 52  extension number- 127

E-mail: [email protected]