Faculty of Education 2

The dean Salman Suleyman Nuriyev - was born on November 11, 1956 in the region of Astara, the Republic of Azerbaijan. After finishing the secondary school he entered the Azerbaijan University of Languages in 1975. In 1980 he graduated the same university mastering a full course of the qualification of English-German language teacher. He worked as an English teacher in Astara region by the appointment of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Then in 1984 he moved to Baku and worked as a guide at “Intourist” Joint-Stock Company. After that, S.S.Nuriyev worked as an instructor for the foreign students at Baku Oil Technical School, continuously methodist at Baku Inturburo, director at private company named after “Jamila”, executive director on International Relations at the company of “Eliscom”, vice dean on academic issues at the English Faculty #2 of AUL, head of the Chair of Foreign Languages ​​at Odlar Yurdu University. From 2007 to 2017 he worked as the head of the Chair of Foreign Languages ​​at the Faculty of Regional Studies and International Relations of AUL, continuously a senior researcher at the Research Laboratory of Translation Studies, head of the Chair of Foreign Languages ​​at the Faculty of Education. From November 2019 to the present day he works as a dean of the Faculty of Education # 2.

In September 1999, he defended his dissertation on "Configuration of Ergative Verbs in the language (based on English and Azerbaijani materials), which in April 2000 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Phylological sciences. In March 2004 he was awarded the position of associate professor by the current decision of the Higher Attestation Commission.

S.S.Nuriyev has received the gratitude of UNESCO in different years. In 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 he was a participant and coordinator of the project of TEMPUS "NIROA" (Establishment of a Network of Foreign Relations Offices in Azerbaijani Universities) of the European Commission. Therefore, the Board of science of Baku Odlar Yurdu University highly appreciated his scientific and education achievements, which awarded him with a diploma of Professor. After it, S.S Nuriyev participated in the AUDEM International Conference in 2008-2010, which he has passed experiences in scientific and education trainings, conferences at the Universities of Siegen and Bonn in Germany, Bydgoszcz University in Poland, the University of Technology in Greece, the University of Nice in France, the University of Genoa in Italy, the University of Oslo in Norway and the University of Pecs in Hungary.

 During these years, he expanded his very effective scientific and education activity, published several scientific articles as the author of a new approach to the linguistics of the XXI century. His field of science is nanolinguistics.

He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation on "Nanolinguistic bases of the act of speech in modern English", which is included in the doctoral program at the Azerbaijan University of Languages. This field is being studied only in Azerbaijan for the first time in the world.

S.S.Nuriyev is also constantly engaged in research work. His textbooks and manuals of "Oil and European Policy", "Study of Diplomatic Relations", "Handbook" on International Relations, " English-Spanish-Azerbaijani thematic dictionary ”, as well as scientific articles and programs written in the development of English language teaching have become students' desktop which have been published both in the country and abroad.

List of recent scientific articles and books:

Article: 1.Effective Communication: Verbal and nonverbal Communication. University of Pecs, Hungary.14-16 Nov.2010

Article: 2. The nanolinguistic and nanointrovertic bases of communication studies. AUL, Scientific news, Baku, 2014

Article: 3. Anolinguistic approach from the category of verbs in modern English

Article: 4.Language difficulties in the University Classrooms (in the context of the non-native speakers` environment) İnternational scientific-practical conference "EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND INNOVATIONS » Russia. Sevastopol. 27April 2017

Thesis: 1.   Singular and plural features of nanolinguistics in the act of speech. International scientific conference “Actual problems of cognitive and applied linguistics” organized by the Institute of Philology of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and AUL. October 20-21, 2016 Baku, Azerbaijan

Book-1 Oil and European Policy. "Translator" Publishing House. Baku, 2002

Book-2 Study of diplomatic relations "Nurlan" publishing house, Baku, 2003

Book-3 Handbook on International Relations. "Nurlan" Publishing House, Baku, 2006

Book-4 Book-4 English-Spanish-Azerbaijani thematic dictionary “Science and Education” Publishing and Printing House, Baku, 2017

S.S.Nuriyev has always tried to maintain high education skills, objectivity and sincerity in dealing with employees of the faculty, now his students work in various regions of the country, as well as abroad.