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Dear students, dear friends, colleagues, we are honored to see you at the Faculty of Education # 2

The Faculty of Education #2 of the Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​was established on September 18, 2019. As an educational faculty, we appreciate the beginning of a phase of sustainable development in Azerbaijan, the positive changes in the socio-economic life of the population, the development of human capital, knowledge and skills. It is important to adapt to the best international practices in the country, to develop the economy, to use innovations based on scientific achievements improving the living standards of the population. Therefore, taking into account the mission of achieving the development of human capital, which is one of the main tasks of the  education system of the country, we focus on students, studying teaching, taking their place in the labor market, as well as  stimulating properly their activities in society. That is why, education creates conditions for every individual to become a worthy member of society, making him an exemplary citizen. In recent years, significant work is being done in this sphere. The material and technical base of our faculty is being strengthened, new electronic auditoriums, scientific, cultural and language centers are being created. The goal is to ensure that the quality of education at our University follows European standards. In order to adapt the quality of education to the European standards, it is not enough to develop the material and technical base, apply information and communication tools, but also develop human resources in the sphere of education, organize various trainings, round tables and raise the prestige of teachers. All these are important issues to be implemented in the country. In this sense, as the "State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan" covers the most important strategic goals in terms of its content, we focus on the creation of competency-based personality-oriented educational content as the main target as well as to retain professional teachers and education managers in our faculty. For this purpose, it is possible to shape a competent, experienced educator. A competent and experienced educator insists on revealing the talents of students using innovative methods, evaluating their achievements and development in accordance with the requirements of new system. In this case effective management mechanism, transparency and efficiency are very important. Effective, responsible, transparent management increases the quality assurance of education based on the best international practices, as well as strengthens new information and reporting systems in education. In this direction new experience is gained and advanced projects are signed in our faculty. If you want to see your signature here, then follow us with confidence without delay.

Dean of the Faculty of Education #2

Ph.D.,assosiate professor Salman Suleyman Nuriyev

Tel: (+99412) 564-06-84

E-mail: [email protected]