The Department of Psychology was set up under the name of “Pedagogy and Psychology” on the same date when the Azerbaijan  Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages was founded on the 10th of September, in 1948 and was led by Surkhay Hasan Hajiyev.  Between 1962 and 1978 the head of the Department of Psychology of the institute, which was renamed in 1959 as Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Languages named after M.F.Akhundov, was Professor Fuad Ahmad Ibrahimbayov. Between 1978-2008 doctor of science in psychology, professor Mukhtar Alish Hamzayev was the head of the department. Misgar Yolchu Mammadov was acting head in 2008-2012. From 2013 to 2018 PhD in Psychology, associate professor Jeyhun Qurbanali Aliyev was the head of the department. The department is led by PhD in Psychology, associate professor Azim Ali Aliyev. From 2018 till now PhD in Psychology, associate professor Shelale Rasim Babayeva is the Head of Psychology Department.

The Mission of the Department

The department teaches the subjects on specialty and professional training in undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as guarantees the students’ psychological readiness for their specialty and profession. Furthermore, the department spreadsknowledge on practical psychology among students and teachers of the university, guarantees positive psychological atmosphere for optimizing teaching process and strengthens psychological well–being of students and teaching staff.

The Activity of the Department

The department ofPsychology, which is one of the leading departments of the university, teaches the subject of psychology in all faculties in corresponding terms and years.The below-mentioned subjectsare taught: Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnopsychology, Higher Education Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Child and Adolescence Psychology, Personality Psychology, Family Psychology. Alongside with it, the department trains doctoral students and candidates in psychology.

ADU center for psychological service

From the academic year 2022-2023, Psychological Center was set up in order to promote knowledge related to practical psychology among students and teachers within the university, as well as to provide a positive psychological climate for the optimization of the university's educational process, and to provide psychological services to students and teaching staff in the work of strengthening their psychological health. "ADU center for psychological service" is headed by Jeyhuna Demirova.

The activities of the "ADU Center for Psychological Service" are psychological assistance and consultations on various problems, training on self-awareness and personality development, psycho diagnostics and psycho correction, round tables, meetings, seminars, conferences and psychological debates related to current social problems, psychological assistance and training related to various problems (self-doubt, shyness, self-isolation, phobias and fears, loneliness, self-awareness, etc.).


The subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor’s degree

  1. Core Courses:
  • Psychology
  • Child and Adolescence  Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • And others

b) Optional Courses:

  • Personality Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Family Psychology

Master’s Degree:

  • Higher Education Psychology
  • Psycholinguistics


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