Faculty of Philology

The History of the Faculty of Philology

The Faculty of Philology was established on the basis of combination of the Faculty of French and German Languages and the Faculty of Philology in accordance with the order No. 17 dated February 7, 2013. Although the general history of the faculty is new its infrastructure has a unique and peculiar history. The beginning of this date dates back to 1948. The Faculty of Philology has a history based on solid foundation, keeps the track of current time and has a promising future. In the history of the faculty, special educational programs called “branch” took a special place, the practice of “branch” expanded and for some time covered the entire former faculty.

There were departments which later changed their names and continued their activities in other departments, for instance, Roman-German philology headed by the late prof., M. S. Garayeva which was known as a real centre of science, as well as other departments on the basis of the Faculty of Philology. Their activities have played an extraordinary role in the development of the faculty as a whole. Due to structural changes in the university, according to the decision of the 29th meeting of the Scientific Department of AUL dated January 30, 2019, the renaming of the faculty “Philology and Journalism” to the faculty of “Philology” by the order No. 79 dated July 12, 2019 was approved.

The application of new curricula in the teaching process of the faculty, their constant improvement is carried out in accordance with the new State Standards. The formation of credit system of education in all specialties at the Faculty of Philology is defined by the European Credit Transfer System (ACTS) - educational program, which provides student mobility and simplifies interstate comparison and recognition of educational programs, as well as the Bologna principles were consistently carried out.

Co-workers, seriously considering the National Strategy for the development of science in the field of scientific research at the faculty, strive to determine the priorities of scientific research in accordance with the development of world science and the solution of important socio-cultural issues, modernize management system in the field of science and scientific infrastructure, train highly qualified staff, preserve inheritance in science, integrate science, education and production, improve the social security of scholars, strengthen the nominative legal base of science, guide the integration of Azerbaijani science into the international scientific space.

The faculty carries out multidisciplinary works such as scientific formation of upbringing and education process, taking into account all aspects of this process, scientific planning, and management, monitoring and keeping records of the work done. The structure of the faculty includes 10 departments. Teaching is carried out in six languages ​​- Azerbaijan, Russian, English, German, French and Spanish in 11 specializations at the Faculty of Philology:

1. Philology (English language and literature)

2. Philology (French language and literature)

3. Philology (German language and literature)

4. Philology (Spanish language and literature)

5. Philology (Russian language and literature)

6. Philology (Azerbaijani language and literature)

7. Teaching Azerbaijani language and literature (in English)

8. Teaching language and literature (in English)

9. Teaching language and literature (in French)

10. Teaching language and literature (in German)

11. Journalism (teaching in English)