Faculty of Education 1

Today, various programs-specialties are offered at the Faculty of Education 1. The following subjects are taught at the faculty.

At the bachelor's level of higher education, English, German and French language specialties are taught. The following subjects are offered to students in these specialties:

Reading and speaking (by levels)
Communicative grammar (by levels)
Hearing and pronunciation (by levels)
Lexicology of English (German, French)
Stylistics of English (German, French)
English (German, French) literature
Country studies
Methods of teaching a foreign language
Introduction to Linguistics
Educational psychology
history of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani language
Azerbaijani literature
Foreign languages ​​(German, French, Spanish, Italian)
Information technology in training
Civil defense
Various elective subjects

At the Master's level of higher education, staff training is carried out in the specialties of Linguistics (English, German, French) and the methodology and methodology of teaching XDTM (English, German, French).

Doctoral education is carried out in the following specialties:

German languages ​​- 5708.01
Romance languages ​​- 5709.01
Comparative-historical and comparative-typological linguistics - 5714.01
Language theory - 5704.01
Theory and methodology of training and education - 5801.01
Social psychology - 6114.01

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