The Translation Studies Centre was created in March 2017. Since 14 September 2017 it has been continuing its activities under the title of The Translation Studies Scientific-Research Laboratory. Since 1 October 2017 it has been operating in its entirety.

Since the day the laboratory was established, the staff planning has been completed and submitted to the Human Resources Section. Here the employees’ salaries, job functions are defined.

The quality composition of the staff members

  1. The Chief of the Laboratory – Bairamov Gilinjkhan Hamza. Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor
  2. Researcher – Nuriyev Salman Suleyman. Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
  3. Senior research assistant – Jabbarov Rashid Jalal. Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
  4. Junior research assistant – Khankishiyeva Aysel Nasir
  5. Junior research assistant – Aliyev Sabir Rasul
  6. Junior research assistant – Zeynalli Tavakkul Abulfat

The Names of the Researches Carried out by the Laboratory in Previous Years, the Findings. The List of the Works Published in Accordance with the Profile of Laboratory in that Period.

As the laboratory has been newly created, the appropriate scientific researches have been envisaged. That is, it is planned to develop “Monolingual (Encyclopedic) Translation Terms Dictionary” within three years, at first to compile its glossary.

The letters of the dictionary entities are distributed as follows:

Bairamov Gilinjkhan Hamza – A B C Ç D E Ə F

Nuriyev Salman Suleyman – G Ğ H X I İ

Khankishiyeva Aysel Nasir – J K Q L M N

Aliyev Sabir Rasul – O Ö P R S Ş

Zeynalli Tavakkul Abulfat – T U Ü V Y Z

The compilation of “The Monolingual (Encyclopedic) Translation Terms Dictionary” was discussed at the meeting of the Laboratory dated 2 October 2017, and approved by the appropriate decision.

In 2017 the Laboratory staff members did not write scientific articles and theses according to its profile.

Information on the Perspective Scientific-Research Plans of the Laboratory

Since the day of its establishment the Laboratory has been engaged in translation studies, planned to compile “Monolingual (Encyclopedic) Translation Terms Dictionary”.


Head of the Translation Studies Scientific-Research Laboratory,

Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, Prof.

Bairamov Gilinjkhan Hamza

Tel: (+99412) 564-07-91

E-mail: [email protected]