Department of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English Language in the Faculty of Philology



The Department of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English Language was established at Azerbaijan University of Languages by order dated March 22, 1993. Until that time, the Department carried the name of Romance-Germanic Philology. The Department was headed by the Doctor of Philosophy and Associate Professor Maryam Salim gizi Garayeva till 1984; from 1984 to 2013 by the Doctor of Sciences in Philology, Professor Mehpare Talat gizi Gaibova, from 2013 to 2014 by the Doctor of Sciences in Philology, Professor Fikret Fatish oglu Jahangirov, from 2014 to 2019  by the Doctor of Sciences in Philology and Associate Professor Sevinj Saday gizi Zeynalova. Since May 2019 the head of the Department is Doctor of Philosophy and Associate Professor Aytan Kamal qizi Hajiyeva.

The Department, originally called “Stylistics of the English Language”, was renamed as “Stylistics and Speech Culture of the English Language” in 2008 and as “Lexicology and Stylistics of the English Language” in 2017.

          Profile Directions of the Department: Currently, the research and pedagogical activities of the Department are carried out in the following areas: functional styles of the English language, stylistic devices and expressive means, classification of the English vocabulary, rhetoric, language and culture, the problems of discourse analysis and cognitive linguistics, teaching of English at different levels, the problems of linguistic pragmatics, etc. The academic staff of the Department provides theoretical and practical training at the undergraduate and graduate levels of the Faculty of Philology, as well as Faculty of Education 1 and Faculty of Education 2, and provides research supervision for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

          Local and International Relations of the Department: The academic staff of the Department have established relations with Baku State University, Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, ADA University, Ganja State University, Nakhchivan State University, Lankaran State University, Khazar University, Azerbaijan University, West-Caspian University and several other universities. The Department members speak at conferences, symposia, and events held at these universities.

The Department cooperates with the academic staff of the Kyiv National Linguistic University (prof. O.P. Vorobyova, Associate Professor Tatiana Timkova) as well as with U.S. citizens assigned to the Department (Mary Catherine Bemer, Kouchehbag Sarah Yahyavi) within the academic cooperation between the American Council on Education and Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Employees of the Department participate in various international conferences, and this information is reflected in the list of their research and methodological works.

Academic Staff of the Department:

Currently, the Department of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English language has 30 professors-teachers and 4 laboratory assistants: 19 full-time (1), 11  part-time (0,5) staff, 4 laboratory assistants. The Department includes 3 doctors of Philology, 3 professors, 9 doctors of Philosophy, 9 associate professors, and 13 senior lecturers.

  1. DSc, Professor Zeynalova Sevinj Saday  (0,5) (Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs )
  2. DSc, Professor Jahangirov Fikrət Fətiş (0,5) (Dean of the Faculty Education1)
  3. DSc, Professor Abdullayev Afqan Ali (0,5)
  4. PhD., Associate Professor Hacıyeva Aytən Kamal (0,5) (Head of the Department)
  5. PhD., Associate Professor Huseynova Lala Asif  (1)
  6. PhD., Associate Professor Sardarova İradə Nadir (1)
  7. PhD., Associate Professor Allahverdiyeva Aytan Musa (1)
  8. PhD., Associate Professor Samedova İrada Amin (1)
  9. PhD., Associate Professor Mammadbayli Aysel İlgar (1)
  10. PhD., Associate Professor Madatova Nigar Aydın (1)
  11. PhD., Associate Professor Baghirova Gunay  Faxraddin (1)
  12. PhD., Associate Professor Mammadova Samira Arif (0,5)
  13. Senior Lecturer Alishova Ramila Babir (1)
  14. Senior Lecturer Aliyeva Rena Telman  (1)
  15. Senior Lecturer Aslanova Saadat Nadir (1)
  16. Senior Lecturer Aghazadeh Parvana Muzaffar (1)
  17. Senior Lecturer Baghirova Nigar Asif (1)
  18. Senior Lecturer Muradzadeh Halima Alovsat (1)
  19. Senior Lecturer Fatullayeva Sevda Askar (1)
  20. Senior Lecturer Namazova Lala Ali (0,5)
  21. Senior Lecturer Mammadli Aliya Valeh (0,5)
  22. Senior Lecturer Abdulrahimova Nushaba Mirza (1)
  23. Senior Lecturer Yunusova Gunel Xanlar (1)
  24. Senior Lecturer Shirinova İzaura Fuzuli (1)
  25. Senior Lecturer Guliyeva Aydan Feyruz (0,5)
  26. Lecturer Naghiyeva Gulnar Rafig (1)
  27. Lecturer Eminli Afaq Azer (1)
  28. Lecturer Mustafayeva Narmin Kamil (0,5)
  29. Lecturer Nuraliyeva Sabina Gulmirza (0,5)
  30. Lecturer Shirzadova Latifa Vugar (0,5)


Laboratory assistants:

  1. Hajiyeva Fidan Yusif  (1)
  2. Gojayeva Aytaj Azer  (1)
  3. Gurbanli Turkan Faiq (1)
  4. Afshari Afshan Shovqi (1) (on maternity leave)

Subjects taught within the Department:


For Bachelor Course:


  1. Stylistics of the English Language - 45 hours
  2. Stylistics and Speech Culture - 75 hours
  3. Lexicology of the English Language - 45/60/90 hours
  4. History of the English Language – 30 hours
  5. English Language - (1, 2, 3) -90 hours
  6. Language Skills (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) -75/60/120/90 hours
  7. Studied Main Language -(1, 2, 3, 4) -105/90 hours
  8. Business and Academic Communication in a Foreign Language - (1, 2, 3, 4) -90 hours
  9. Introduction to Rhetoric – 60/30 hours
  10. Word Formation -30/45/60 hours
  11. English through Arts -90/60/45 hours
  12. English for Media Literacy - 45/60/75 hours
  13. Conversational English Models - 45/60/75 hours
  14. IELTS through Integrated Writing - 45 hours
  15. English Idioms through Culture -60 hours
  16. English through Films - 45 hours
  17. English through Functional Styles – 75 hours
  18. Written Communication in English – 75 hours
  19. Advanced Communication Skills – 75 hours

For Master Course:

  1. Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics - 30 hours
  2. Introduction to Pragmatics - 45 hours
  3. Language and Culture - 45 hours

The Main Goals and Objectives of the department:

- the further development of academic activities and contributions to the academic environment of the university;

- to conduct lectures, seminars and practical classes at a high scientific-theoretical and methodological level as envisaged in the curricula for all forms of training;

- organize and conduct current and state examinations;

- develop students' speech skills such as speaking, listening, understanding, reading and writing;

- involve all members of the Department in the widespread use of innovative methods and information technology that are important in teaching languages and developing students' knowledge and language skills;

-  publish and also provide reviews on textbooks, teaching aids and educational or methodical literature;

- organize the discussion of the research works performed;

- work and collaborate with students to prepare a high-level workforce for the future;

- organize open (demo) lessons by experienced teachers.


Scientific Activities of the Department:

Academic staff of the Department work on dictionaries, textbooks, teaching aids, subject programs, and methodological works. Textbooks and teaching aids are used in classes at different language levels according to the standards of academic education.

Staff of the Department actively participate in international and national scientific conferences and forums held at AUL and other universities, submit articles and theses.

          There are regular meetings and discussions in the Department throughout the year. At these meetings, issues reflected in the Department's annual plan are discussed along with current issues.

Department staff publish articles in various journals published abroad and in our country. They regularly establish close ties with the country the language of which they teach and participate in seminars and conferences abroad.


Activities of the Department on Student Research Society:

The Department works closely with students. Under the guidance of Department staff students present their dissertations at the Annual Conference of the Research society.

Department Events: Department staff regularly participate in different events. Together with students and employees of other departments, they organize events related to Memorial Day, Victory Day, National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s Memorial Day, Volunteer Day, and other significant dates.


  Head of the Department:                                   Associate Professor A. K. Hajiyeva