Information about the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences

The purpose and task of the department: The main purpose of the department of philosophy and social sciences is to provide students with accurate information about the worldview, ethical rules, rights and freedoms, economic, cultural, and political issues and to help them conduct research in those areas.

The reorganization of the Department of Philosophy coincides with the creation of AUL. Since 1973, the Department of Philosophy and Scientific Communism was established under the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR. For many years, the employees of the department closely participated in the social and political life of the university, giving detailed analytical reports on political issues, the processes taking place in the world, etc.

The goal of the philosophy department in education is to develop the scientific outlook of young people in the era of global development. In addition to the laws of nature and the development of the world, it is also to form a creative way of thinking in students by teaching them the laws of social life.

From 1999 until now, the employees of the department have been have been published the following scientific materials:

  "Philosophy", "Political Science" and "Sociology" by professor M. Teymurlu, associate professor A. Abdiyeva, professor Mammad Aliyev "Logic",Assoc. A. Rajabova "Philosophy", Associate Professor N. Guliyev "Politics", Assoc. Sh.Abdullayeva "Economy of Middle Eastern countries",  "US economy", "Economy of Federative  Republic of Germany", "The modern economy of the USA and its development prospects"; "Economy of Maghreb countries" , "Tourism in Europe",  "Tourism of Argentina" by senior teacher K. Yusifova; associate professor S. Maharramova "Economy of Indonesia";   "Freethinking is a spiritual value on the way to the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism " by Associate Professor Sh. Jabarova.

The department was headed by Professor Mahammad Teymurlu from 1993 to 2004, and from 2004 by Associate Professor Adalat Abdiyeva. Currently, there are 26 teachers and 2 laboratory assistants in the department. Among them, Mammad Aliyev is a professor, 8 people - Adalat Abdiyeva, Shukufa Jabarova, Nadir Guliyev, Shafaq Abdullayeva, Aida Rajabova, Fazil Rustamov, Sevda Maharramova, Nazila Safarova are associate professors, 4 people- Sevda Taghiyeva, Gunel Garayeva, Shakhismail Ismayilov, Samir Safiyev are senior teachers,  and 13 teachers work.

The department teaches the following subjects at the bachelor's level: Philosophy, Formal logic, Political science, Ethics-aesthetics, Introduction to multiculturalism, History of social and political thought of the country of specialization, Economy of the country of specialization, Basics of Economics. At the master's level: Azerbaijani multiculturalism, Modern religious conflicts.

     The programs for all these subjects (except ethics and aesthetics) were prepared by the staff of the department. The programs of the taught subjects were updated in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna system and confirmed by the relevant decisions of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1. Associate Professor Abdiyeva Adalat Murad - head of the department

2.Professor Aliyev Mammad Arif

3. Associate Professor Jabarova Shukufa Barat - Deputy Head of the Department

4. Associate Professor Guliyev Nadir Novruz

5. Associate Professor Radjabova Aida Akbar

6. Associate Professor Safarova Nazila Khasai

7. Associate Professor Abdullayeva Shafag Huseyn

8. Associate Professor Rustamov Fazil Khalil

9. Associate Professor Magerramova Sevda Elshad

10. Senior teacher Tagiyeva Sevda Rasim

11. Senior teacher Garayeva Gunel Aliniyaz

12. Senior teacher Safiev Simir Ali

13. Senior teacher Ismailov Shahismail Namaz

14. Senior teacher Yusifova Kamala Khalil

15. teacher Hajiyeva Leyla Elkhan

16. teacher Asadova Jala Alik

17. teacher Ismailova Afag Suliddin

18. teacher Osmanli Anar Imran

18. Teacher Mammadova Nurana Rovshan

20. teacher Jabrailova Dilara Mammadaga

21. teacher Talibova Nigar Eldar

22. teacher Gulamov Bahadir Shaban

23. teacher Jafarov Tural Oktay

24. teacher Kulieva Kamala Khalis

25. teacher Izrailova Afet Eyub

26. teacher Ibadli Vasila Alif

27. Senior laboratory assistant of the department Gulieva Leyla

28. Laboratory assistant of the department Haziyeva Laman