International Students

Admission of the International Students is carried out through the 


Information for international students and foreign applications


  • Admission:

The admission period is August 01 – September 1505 January -15.February  Upon arrival to the country, the candidate shall submit the following documents to the International Relations Office:

  1. Student Visa (60-90 days)
  2. Certificate of Identity (must be obtained from State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan)
  3. Certificate, Diploma (with apostille)
  4. Transcript (with apostille)
  5. Biography
  6. Motivation Letter
  7. A certificate confirming the absence of HIV
  8. A certificate confirming the absence of Hepatitis


Candidates are also required to provide the following documents after the arrival:

  1. A health certificate issued by the International Medical Center in Baku
  2. Application letter addressed to the Rector
  3. Tuition Fee payment receipt + photocopy
  4. Photocopy of passport
  5. Six 3X4 ID photographs (on a red background)


*Please contact the Azerbaijani consulate in your country for a student visa (60-90 days). In the case that the consulate requires an official letter of invitation from our university to issue the visa, contact the International Relations Office. After the enrollment, the student visa shall be extended.

The required documents for a one-year visa shall certify the following:

  • Tuition Fees for International Students:


  1. Language Courses – 1000 $
  2. Preparatory – 800$
  3. Faculty of Education – 1800$
  4. Faculty of Translation – 2200$
  5. Faculty of Philology – 2200$
  6. Faculty of International Relations - 2200$
  7. Master’s programs – 2500$
  • Registration


* Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days should get registered at the place of residence.
* When a foreigner or stateless person changes his/her place of residence, he/she should get registered upon new place of residence within 5 working days from the date of arrival at the new address as envisaged by Articles 21.2-21.5 of Migration Code. When a foreigner or stateless person is temporarily staying in another apartment (place of accommodation) owned by the owner of the apartment (place of accommodation) in which he/she is registered, his/her re-registration is not required.
* Within 15 days upon arrival in the country, a foreigner shall apply for registration via electronic services of the official website of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, e-government portal and e-mail ([email protected] ) or shall visit in person one of the regional migration departments, or "ASAN service" centers.
* Required documents:
application form;
- Copy of the passport (other border crossing document) of the foreigner (including the visa page and pages indicating the last entry to the country).
* No state fee is required for registration of foreigners and stateless individuals upon place of stay.

Please also note that according to the law of the Migration Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, students who do not register upon place of stay in due time, will be fined about 400 AZN.  


For further inquiries, please contact [email protected] .

Zulfiye Qurbanova +994124401917