A Republican scientific-practical conference titled "The Role of Education in the formation of Green Thinking" took place at AUL.

20 may, 2024

On May 16, a Republican scientific-practical conference on "The role of education in the formation of green thinking" was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages as part of the "Year of the Green World Solidarity ". The event was attended by members of parliament, teachers and professors, and students of AUL.

Academician Kamal Abdulla, Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, greeted attendees at the conference and discussed the significance of the occasion. It was stated that the decision of Azerbaijan to host COP29, one of the most prestigious events in the world in the battle against climate change, is of great importance for our republic and the whole world. The scientific-practical conference "The Role of Education in the Formation of Green Thinking" held at Azerbaijan University of Languages will help increase students' awareness of climate change problems and encourage people's participation in environmental protection activities.

During the conference, Sadiq Gurbanov, the head of the Milli Majlis's committee on natural resources, energy, and environment, discussed the significance of hosting the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in Azerbaijan. The deputy stated that the modern world's global environmental challenges, such as climate change, water resource depletion, soil degradation, air pollution, and so on, are critical issues that must be solved. The global community is growing more concerned about climate change and its effects on life. With the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, the strengthening of the natural greenhouse effect results in additional warming of the earth's surface and atmosphere, which may endanger humanity.

The Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP - is the Convention's highest decision-making body for preventing such environmental issues. Every year, government representatives from all over the world gather at the COP and call for joint efforts to prevent climate change and eliminate its consequences.

Maintaining the required balance between economics, society, and the environment in the global environmental crisis is also dependent on our attitude toward the environment. The formation of green thinking is an important condition for moving to a green economy. To protect nature, we should all unite for this action.


Iltizam Yusifov, a member of the Milli Majlis' Natural Resources, Energy, and Ecology Committee, spoke and stated that hosting COP29 in Azerbaijan is, first and foremost, an acknowledgment of Azerbaijan's fulfillment of the UN's climate duties. Furthermore, the fact that COP29 is being held in Azerbaijan shows that the country's political and economic stability has been recognized at the UN level.

Azerbaijan is determined to become one of the leading countries in the field of renewable energy and uses its rich potential for this purpose. Becoming a country of clean environment and "green growth" is one of the national goals of the Azerbaijan state.

At the conference, AUL vice-rector for international relations dos. Jala Garibova, gave a speech on the topic of "Sustainable development component in university rating tables." 

Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor Lyudmila Bejenaru, director of the Azerbaijan Multiculturalism Center at Iasi University named after Alexander Ioan Cuza, spoke about the important measures taken by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in the direction of solving environmental problems in Azerbaijan based on the principles of sustainable development. It was stated that during his presidency, the ecological situation in the country was always at the center of special attention, and measures were taken on the priorities set for environmental protection. The National Leader managed to take many measures to turn Absheron into a land of greenery. The visionary policy of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, including the recommendations given in the field of ecology, is still being guided in the work done today.

During the meeting, AUL Philology Faculty Dean Hamida Aliyeva stated that hosting COP29 in Azerbaijan will draw attention to our country and show its dedication to sustainable development principles. This distinguished occasion will serve as a powerful catalyst for further enhancing our nation's standing abroad and bringing Azerbaijan's realities to the attention of the global community.