The book "Difai: Preliminary Historical Conditions and Causes of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict in the Early XX Century" was discussed in AUL

11 december, 2023

  Within the framework of the joint organization of the Baku-Azerbaijan University of Languages and the Baku City Executive Authority, a discussion of the book «Difai: The Initial Historical Conditions and Causes of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict in the Early XX Century» took place.

Moderator of the event, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies, Professor Ibrahim Kazymbayli welcomed the participants of the event and spoke about the importance of the event.

It was noted that this book by Eldar Azizov explores the history of creation and activity of the first Azerbaijan National Organization-Party "Difai" (defence) in response to terrorist activities of Armenian nationalist organizations.

It was noted that, on the basis of an analysis and synthesis of a wealth of factual material drawn from a variety of sources, an attempt had been made to cover the topic regardless of ideological beliefs and national subjective views.

Rector of AUL, academician Kamal Abdulla, shared his thoughts on the organization "Difai", which has a special place and role in the history of Azerbaijan. It was noted that the work of «Difai» is considered against the background of causes and historical conditions of Armenian-Azerbaijani conflicts. The basis of these contradictions was the military and political expansion of Tsarist Russia to the South Caucasus, starting from the first quarter of the XVIII century. This book should be presented to our students in the departments, deans, audiences, provide a new look at our history, our struggle for independence. Today, the Azerbaijani people live freely and happily as a victorious nation, which is the logical conclusion of long years of struggle. Thus, we should never forget our courageous heroes who gave their lives for the Motherland, we should always honor their activities and preserve their memory».

Then the presentations were made by Professor Solmaz Rustamova-Tokhidi, Senior Researcher of the Scientific Center «Azerbaijan Studies», Head of the Department for Public AffairsElmin Imanov, Head of the Baku City Executive Office, Head of the General History Department of the ANAS History Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences Irad Bagirov, Member of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan Bar Association Mukhtar Mustafayev, Senior Lecturer of the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Doctor of Historical Sciences Anar Eyubov, Executive Director of the National Historical Museum, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Farhad Jabbarov, Associate Professor of Regional Studies Aguil Shahmuradov, Associate Professor of Caucasian Studies and History of Azerbaijan Namik Kerimov, Doctoral student in International Relations Rafi Gurbanov, Doctoral student in Romance Languages Ayat Abdullayev.

It was noted that" Difai "was created as a defensive organization instead of well organized and armed  «dashnaktsutyun». In fact, this is what led to the creation of this organization. However, the party did not pursue only military goals. This was also evident from the party’s programme.  The draft of this program was published by Agayev in 1906 in the 213rd edition of the newspaper "Irshad" and also remained in the gendarmerie. Although it is difficult to describe this project as a well-defined program, the main goals and objectives of the party, as well as the ways to achieve them, are set out here quite clearly.

The party’s main goal was to save its people from the Armenian-Muslim conflicts and to enlighten them. To achieve this goal, the party had two tools: education and power, the party sought to educate its people and the ignorant masses and,  through the power to create conditions for escape from external enemies and traitors in the government.

The event continued with students' questions.