Kamal Abdulla met with the delegation of China's Huzhou University

08 september, 2023

Kamal Abdulla met with the delegation of China's Huzhou University

A meeting with the delegation of China's Huzhou University was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages on August 24.

Rector of AUL, academician Kamal Abdulla said he was glad to see the delegation at the University.

It was noted that AUL has signed a number of successful projects in establishing international ties and within the framework of foreign economic cooperation.

One of such successful steps is the establishment of cooperation relations with Huzhou University: "Azerbaijan University of Languages pays special attention to the establishment of international relations and scientific partnership. We express our love and respect for Chinese culture and language by applying the most sincere approach to the study of Chinese language and culture. Our students show great interest in Chinese culture, history, philosophy and language. So, I would like to share with you my thoughts about the project of a small Chinese house in the courtyard of our university, at the suggestion and initiative of our students. It is planned to open a Chinese library in this small Chinese house. I believe that with the completion of this project, the strengthening and development of our relations will accelerate."

Secretary of the Party Committee of Huzhou University, Prof. Jin Peihua, thanked the university leadership and staff for the warm welcome and kind words. It was noted that AUL is one of the prestigious higher education institutions chosen for establishing international ties and cooperation opportunities. It was said that there are favorable opportunities for implementation of a number of projects in terms of scientific cooperation and exchange of experience: "Very important work for teachers and students is carried out at AUL. It is very important for the development of knowledge and skills of teachers and students. From this point of view, the Confucius Institute operating at AUL stands out. We are satisfied with the successful activity of the Confucius Institute". It was noted that the Confucius Institute has aroused great interest of teachers and students with its scientific activity. The set goals and objectives of the scientific exchange of teachers and students were fulfilled with high skill.

The opening ceremony of the Student Exchange Center was held in AUL with the participation of Huzhou University delegation. In terms of its scientific and experimental capabilities, the center has favorable opportunities for teachers and students to establish new scientific cooperation.

Professor Jin Peihua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huzhou University, Zhou Xiaohong, Deputy Director of the Presidential Office, Professor Pan Mingfu, Director of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Liang Qing, Dean of the School of Music, and Shi Han, Deputy Dean of the International College, got acquainted with the university and took a commemorative photo together.