Meeting with diplomat and poet Drago Stambuk was held at AUL

26 january, 2023

On January 26, a meeting with the Croatian diplomat and poet Drago Stambuk was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages. People's Writer, Rector of AUL, academician Kamal Abdulla warmly welcomed the guest at the university.

It was pointed out that poetry and its charms are one of the main factors that nourish the human soul. When you understand and hear nature, you become deeper, wiser, and begin to translate your feelings into poetry: "Today we are participants in a very important meeting. I believe that everyone who participates in this meeting will be struck by the beauty of the world of poetry. This exposure will be remembered for a long time. Because the word is alive, the word nourishes the human soul. The work of the poet Drago Stambuk expresses love for human, love for nature, love for life. And introduces us to new thoughts and approaches related to people and life".

The conversation about the work of Drago Stambuk was opened by Professor Shahin Khalili, dean of the Faculty of Philology of AUL. It was said that the poet's work is rich, multifaceted and relevant.

Writer and translator Ilgar Alfioglu, who translated Drago Stambuk's poems into Azerbaijani, spoke about the translation process. It was noted that the art of translation is one of the most difficult and responsible spheres.

Head of the department of international relations of AUL, Fiala Abdullayeva shared her views on a number of issues in the field of translation.

Croatian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Branko Zebic thanked the organizers of the event, as well as the university administration and staff for the conditions created. It was mentioned that such meetings contribute to the development of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Croatia. Students recited poems in Azerbaijani by Drago Stambuk. The event continued with questions from students.