Workshop held at AUL within the framework of the "Open Science Azerbaijan" project

11 march, 2022

The seminar titled "Open Science Azerbaijan: dissemination of Open Science platform for young researchers" was held at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) within the framework of the "Open Science Azerbaijan" project, jointly supported by the Ministry of Education and the Azerbaijan Society of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters''.

Ilgar Orujov, Head of the “Azerbaijan Society of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters” Public Union under the Ministry of Education, spoke at the seminar about the conditions created for young people in the country. He noted that "Open Science" has aroused great interest among young scientists and that the appeals have surpassed all expected results: "More than 1,600 young scientists took part in the project. We decided to attract 25 masters from each university, who know foreign languages, have more potential and see themselves in science, and to hold a series of events with five universities.

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, Academician Kamal Abdulla, spoke about the importance of the project and appreciated the interest in it. The rector gave detailed information on steps being taken in this direction at AUL, touched upon the interest of young scholars in science.  He mentioned the university teaches Sanskrit and study of this language is an important issue for Azerbaijani philology and humanities.

Rector of Baku Slavic University, Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science Anar Nagiyev spoke about importance of the project "Open Science Azerbaijan: spreading Open Science Platform among Young Researchers" aimed at development of young researchers. It was noted that the project carries out a practice of fully transparent research and brings the results of scientific research to all, creates opportunities for publication of articles of young scientists in prestigious international scientific journals. The project aims to make research, information and dissemination accessible to all stakeholders. The Rector also spoke about the research of Azerbaijani scientists published in international scientific journals.

Peter Szabó, President of the Hungarian Foundation for Science and Innovation Management and Associate Professor at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, made a presentation on "Digital Transformation of Higher Education in Hungary: Open Science with Opportunities and Prospects".

Finally, the guest speaker, Peter Szabó, answered participants' questions about the project.