Academician Kamal Abdullah met with the Rector of Pakistan University of Modern Languages

16 october, 2021

On 13 October, Administration of Pakistan University of Modern Languages visited Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).  The meeting was attended by Muhammad Jaffar, Rector of Pakistan University of Modern Languages, Zubair Iqbal, Vice-Rector, and Lodhi Sophia, Dean.

AUL Rector, Academician, People's Writer Kamal Abdulla thanked the state and people of Pakistan for supporting Azerbaijan in the 44-day war. Academician Kamal Abdullah underlined Azerbaijanis have always had a feeling of sympathy to Pakistan. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly stated in his speeches that the alliance of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan is a true unity.

The Rector gave detailed information about the higher education institution he heads. He noted that more than 20 language and cultural centres are operating at AUL:

"We also wanted our university to have a Pakistani cultural centre. We wanted our students and teachers to be exposed to Pakistani history, culture and language. In this regard, I approached the Pakistani ambassador in Azerbaijan and expressed my wish. Our request was positively considered, and a Pakistani Cultural Centre was opened at our university.

Academician Kamal Abdulla said an AUL delegation would visit Pakistan University of Modern Languages in the coming days and participate in the opening of the Centre for Azerbaijani Language and Culture there:

"At the same time, we would like the subject of Azerbaijani multiculturalism to be taught at Pakistan University of Modern Languages. Let this subject combine Azerbaijani history, culture and language. In this way we can better reveal the truth about Azerbaijan to Pakistani youth. I know that it would not be that hard in friendly and brotherly Pakistan. However, we face certain obstacles in bringing the truth about Azerbaijan to the world. The Armenian propaganda works, we are not believed. Worldwide media interviews with the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev plays an important role in conveying the truth to the world public opinion. In all his interviews the President told to the world that Karabakh is Azerbaijan! It is also important that you support us in spreading the truth about Azerbaijan in the countries that closely cooperate with Pakistan".

Rector of Pakistan University of Modern Languages Muhammad Jaffar emphasized that he highly valued cooperation with Azerbaijan University of Languages. Talking about the university he heads, the rector noted that the university started functioning in 1969 as the National University of Foreign Languages.  "Today it is called Pakistan University of Modern Languages. We intend to change the name of the university to University of Modern Languages and Sciences. Nowadays the situation has changed and we have gone far beyond the study of languages only. We have 5 faculties at our university. Besides the capital city of Islamabad, there are campuses in 9 cities and we are going to increase the number of campuses. 22,000 students studying there. Moreover there are many foreign centres at our university. The next centre will be the Centre for Azerbaijani language and culture. We teach 21 languages at the university, including western and eastern languages. Besides the Pakistani Cultural Centre at Azerbaijan University of Languages, we would like to open a centre directly affiliated to our university. Start teaching Urdu language. We will provide you with books, create conditions for your teachers to study the language at our university and to train Urdu specialists.”

The Rector noted that universities are the best place to implement projects related to language and culture: "Our countries are connected by a religious and historical past. I hope that the centres we have established will strengthen these ties".

Then the guests visited Pakistani cultural centre operating at Azerbaijan University of Languages. Rector Muhammad Jaffar gave a lecture to students.