A rountable called "Shusha as a Pearl of Azerbaijani culture" was held at AUL

01 march, 2021

Azerbaijan Studies Research laboratory and Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies of AUL held a roundtable "Shusha as a Pearl of Azerbaijani culture".

Opening the event, the head of the Department of Regional Studies, Assistant Professor Sevdagul Aliyeva, said that the Azerbaijan Studies Research laboratory and the Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies plan to hold an event every Wednesday for 4 weeks on the eve of Novruz. The first Wednesday of Novruz holiday is dedicated to the history and culture of Shusha.

Regional Studies Department teachers made reports on the relevant topic. Associate Professor Bahman Aliyev spoke about Shusha fortress, built by Panah Ali Khan, describing fortress walls, neighborhoods, houses, building materials, gates and the territory of the castle; Kamala Gurbanli gave information on crafts, widespread in Shusha: pottery, goat farming, handicrafts, gunsmith manufacturing, jewelсrafting, weaving and especially carpet and silk weaving; Senior Lecturer, PhD Rana Rajabli shared  interesting and extensive information about the opening and activities of mollahana, madrassah, secondary and music schools in Shusha; Gunay Feyzieva spoke about structure, decoration, specific features of Shusha architectural monuments and Aygun Solanzade talked of Shusha museums.

Upon reviewing the speeches, Professor Niyazi Mehti, Azerbaijan Studies Research Laboratory and Philosophy and Social Sciences Department expressed his point of view about Shusha phenomenon.

The event featured interesting presentations and videos on the Shusha fortress, schools, architectural monuments and museums.