People's writer Kamal Abdullah: Our victorious leader Ilham Aliyev has proved to the world the power of Azerbaijan

19 november, 2020

"Dear Shusha, we are back!" - These words were said by the great son of the Azerbaijani people, Azerbaijani commander of all times, victorious leader Ilham Aliyev. Our victorious leader has proved to the whole world the power and potential of Azerbaijan. Today the entire world has seen the culture, intellectual level, combat capability and diplomatic power of the Azerbaijani people, and we have once again brought to the world the truth known to us.

These are the words of People's Writer, Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages Kamal Abdulla, as reported by AZERTAC.

"May Allah rest the soul of great leader Heydar Aliyev. We thank God to have such a brilliant commander, such a great president. We are all proud of our army, our victorious soldiers, martyrs, veterans and citizens, who have mobilised and glorified Azerbaijan. Today we have a lump in our throats. Today we have tears of joy. "Dear Shusha, we are back! - May these words be eternal. "Dear Shusha, we are with you!" - May these words last lifetime. Long live Azerbaijan, long live our victorious leader, long live the Azerbaijani soldier! Long live Azerbaijan! " said Kamal Abdullah.