International Students Admission Process

24 july, 2020

The admission period for the 2020-2021 academic year is August 25th 2020 – September 30th 2021. Upon arrival to the country, the candidate is responsible for providing the following documents to the International Relations Department:

  1. Student visa*
  2. Birth certificate **
  3. Diploma(s) + translated and notarized photocopy of diploma(s)***
  4. Translated and notarized photocopy of transcript(s)***
  5. Autobiography ****
  6. Motivation letter (maximum one page)
  7. A health certificate issued by the International Medical Center in Baku
  8. Application letter addressed to the Rector
  9. Tuition fee payment receipt + photocopy
  10. Photocopy of passport
  11. Six 3x4 ID photographs (on a red background)

*Please contact the Azerbaijani consulate in your country for a student visa (60-90 days). In the case that the consulate requires an official letter of invitation from our university to issue the visa, contact the International Relations Department. After enrolling, the student visa must be extended. The required documents for a one year visa:


  1. Health certificate issued by the International Medical Center in Baku
  2. Notarized and translated deed of conveyance of rented house
  3. Notarized application for letter of permission for the rental registration in Baku
  4. Notarized copy of householder’s ID card
  5. Two 3x4 ID photographs (on a red background)


**Please be informed that this document is issued by the State Migration Office of Azerbaijan.

***Please be informed that candidates’ diploma(s) and transcript(s) must all have an apostille, issued by the relevant institution in the hometown.

****To be written at the university at the International Relations Department.



Tuition Fees


2020-21 Academic Year Tuition Fees (USD)

Language Courses




Faculty of Translation and Cultural Studies


Faculty of Education


Faculty of Philology and Journalism


Faculty of International Relations and Management


Master’s programs


PhD programs

$1200 - $2000



For further inquiries, please contact

[email protected]