Success of the English lexicology and stylistics department- 2

16 october, 2019

Associate professor  of the Department of  English Lexicology and Stylistics-2 of AUL, Dr.Malahat Veliyeva won  research scholarship offered by the US   Department of State for scholars , had an experience at Temple University located in the city of Philadelphia in the USA and participated in the lectures, panel discussions  and series of events by the professors of Temple University, New York University, Phoeniks College, Northern Arizona Univeristy located in different  states of  the USA and in George Town Univeristy  in Washington.

During the experience, Malahat Veliyeva was familiarized with the system of higher education in the USA, the problems of multiculturalism, religious pluralism and peace keeping around the world. At the same time, she informed the staff from USA universities on the policy of multiculturalism of the Republic of Azerbaijan was founded by the  Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev and  today this policy is successfully followed by the Great Leader’s predecessor President Ilham Aliyev. She widely informed on great projects implemented by our respected rector Academician Kamal Abdulla at AUL.

The scholars  from 16 countries (Azerbaijan, Austria, Finland, Jordan, Argentina, Myanmar, Turkey,  Phillippins, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, China) participated in the event  and each participant had  interesting presentations about their countries.

Upon returning Malahat Veliyeva prepared a presentation about her educational visit to the USA and organized a seminar for the lecturers of AUL.

The seminar was attended by the Head of the Department of English Lexicology and stylistics-2 of AUL  Ph.D., Associate Professor Mrs. Mehriban Huseynova and the staff of the department who were delivered the  presentation and asked Malahat Veliyeva various questions about the education system in the United States.

Malahat Veliyeva answered Associate Professor Mehriban Huseynova’s regarding the teaching methods in the US universities, PhD., Associate Professor Zarina Aslanova’s about the grading system in the US universities, senior teacher Mehriban Abdullayeva’s about student-teacher interaction  questions and highlighted the advantages of  the US higher education experience.