International Action “Total Dictation” at Azerbaijan University of Languages

15 april, 2019

The representation of Rossotrudnichestvo (Coopeation with Russia) held an international action called “Total Dictationin” in cooperation with Azerbaijan Research Laboratory of “Russian Science”, organization of teachers of the association of educational institutions of Russia at Azerbaijan University of Languages. The international action has been held in 80 countries of world, it is the fourths time that the action is held in Azerbaijan, but the first time at Azerbaijan University of Languages. It brought together more than 100 participants, including schoolchildren, students, teachers of universities, as well as people of different occupations and pensioners.

Advisor of the rector on organizational issues of Azerbaijan University of Languages assciate-professor Seyfal Həsənov welcomed the participants on be half of the administration of the  University and wished successes to everyone.

Then Aleksandr Kalamin, deputyof the head of representative of Rossotrudnichestvo to Azerbaijan, said that the action maintains its popularity constantly and involves new participants every year. “I am glad that different universities in Azerbaijan display great interest in this action and introduce their platforms. This year Azerbaijan University of Languages  took the initiative. I express my gratitude for the support.

The author of the text of “Total Dictation” was the famous Russian writer and literary critique Pavel Basinskiy. The Baku participants of “Total Dictation” have written the third part of the novel of Maksim Qorki’s “Hunter of the Souls” of the novel “In the Depth of Life”. Senior research fellow of thec research laboratory of “the Russian Studies” Diana Huseyn-zade spoke in the capacity of “theTotal Dictator”.

It must be noted that  for the first time “Total dictation” was conducted for the students of the Humanitarian Faculty of Novosibirsk State University in 2004. It is already 15 years that the worldwide action “Total dictation” is conducted. It is organized by “the Total dictation” Fund housed in Novosibirsk. It attracts activists and volunteers from various places of the world. Irrespective of the age, nationality, educationl and social statas the participants, “Total dictation” is a yearly action for all the interested people. It brings all the lovers of the Russian language lovers together, the main slogan of which is:“To write correctly is in fashion”.

More than 250 thousand people took part in the action over 3000 platforms of world this year.