“Culture, Traditions and Customs of Great Britain” Master Class held at LANDAU School

14 december, 2018

On December 14, 2018 the students of AUL held a master class at LANDAU School initiated by the Senior Lecturer Dinara Mukhtarova. The topic of the class was “Culture, Traditions and Customs of Great Britain”.  The students of the 4th course (group 404 A), Hajizadeh Gunay and Huseynova Fidan, as well as the Spanish exchange students of Erasmus Programme, Francisco and Eduardo,  using the interactive method, presented the above mentioned topic in presentations, videos and knowledge competition. It should be mentioned that the class was held in English and each pupil was involved in all activities, but the most active ones were presented the bag of AUL.

At an opening speech Dinara Mukhtarova expressed her gratitude to the tutorial of  AUL for the support and of  LANDAU school for the acceptance the cooperation with AUL. Then she stressed the project based on AUL and secondary schools, and after it, with the aim of presenting AUL to the pupils, she made general introduction of the University, and mentioned the great number of languages taught there, and invited the schoolchildren to AUL excursion.

The representatives of LANDAU school, Emil Leznik, Ms. Aysel, Ms. Gunel and Mr. Rustam in their speech stressed the importance of such cooperation, and expressed their gratitude, and invited the student of AUL to have teaching practice exactly at LANDAU school, also they stressed that the best students can be suggested a working place at their school.

It should be mentioned that the head of Lingua Culturology Chair prof. Masmakhanim Gaziyeva, Senior Lecturers of the same Chair Aghayeva Rashida and Mammadzadeh Aynur also participated in this meeting. Masmakhanim Gaziyeva in her speech made a detailed explanation of cooperation of AUL with the secondary schools and stressed the importance of such meeting.

It should be stressed that the contract of collaboration between AUL and LANDAU school is going to be signed.