Teacher of Wakayama College met with Japanese students of AUL

02 may, 2018

On April 19, Employee of the İnternational Relations Department of the Wakayama College at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), Mr.Futoshi Sakamoto, met with students studying Japanese Studies at AUL Faculty of International Relations and Management and students studying Japanese language at Center of Japan Research.

At the meeting organized by the Center of Japan Research, Yashar Ibrahimov, head of the Center, spoke about the essence of this event. He noted that the purpose of the meeting is to create an interest in our students studying in Japan, as well as in Japanese specialized schools and colleges. The students were informed about Japanese college and specialty schools.

The Japanese guest, Mr.F.Sakarmoto talked about Wakayama College’s admission rules, specialties, held classes, foreign students, job opportunities, as well as working students education and their lifestyle.

During the meeting, the Japanese studies students discussed future opportunities for studying at the same College.

At the end of the meeting questions interested students were responded.

Japan Research Center.