A presentation of AUL professor's book was held

20 december, 2016

On December 20,  on the initiative of the Department of literature of foreign countries, a presentation of the book of  collection of lectures  dealing with  modern literature called "The young novelist" written by  Italian scholar Umberto Eko  which was translated from English into Azerbaijani by the head of the  Department of general linguistics, director of Baku International  Multiculturalism  Center , Professor Azad Mammadov at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

The presentation was attended by the dean of the School of Education (English-French), associate professor Vafa Babayeva, dean of the School of Philology and Journalism, Professor Sevda Vahabova,  dean of the School of Translation, associate professor Vilayat Hajiyev, the head of the Department of Linguoculturology, Professor Masmakhanim Gaziyeva, the head of the Department  of literature of foreign countries , Professor Aynur Sabitova, an authorized representative of the rector Tofig Guliyev, faculty staff and students.

Associate professor of the department of literature of foreign countries Hamida Aliyeva spoke about the life and work of Umberto Eko, associate professor Ulviyya Mammadova spoke about the translated book and its translation methods.

Professor Azad Mammadov, who translated the book, spoke about book, translation process, about the challenges and innovations. During his visit, in September 2011, the professor was acquainted with the book, looked through the contents, and decided to translate as it was connected with literary theory.  The professor noted that the book which was published in the printing house of Harvard University is not only about literary theory, as well as it reflects semiotics of the text, linguistics, translation issues and stressed that the lecturer of the Department of Innovation in Education Narmina Zargarova assisted in the translation process.  Bringing into the attention his thoughts about the book and the author’s thoughts Professor Azad Mamamdov noted that as some information was in Latina language it created them challenges to translate the book for this reason he had to advise with Latina language specialists. In September 2015, the translation of the book was completed and the editing was finished after a year said the professor and noted that the book was released in October 2016. During the translation of the book in order to achieve the terminology in Azerbaijan the professor tried to convey the author’s thought completely and recalled the people who assisted him.

Then the participants thanked professor A.Mamamdov for his contributions and noted that the youth need the scholars like him and wished him success.

The event ended with answering the participants’ and students’ questions