Confucius Institute employees visited Public radio

05 january, 2017
15823676_1776174932633718_3016902077476860935_n     Employees of Confucius Institute at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) Li Yunrui and Aygul Imamhaci  visited  Public radio’s “Yeni gun” (A New Day) programme dedicated to China. The visitors were impressed by the hospitality of the people of Azerbaijan. They noted that there is a great interest in learning the Chinese language and China. Providing information about China’s writing rules, the culture of this country, Jan Minyuu invited radio listeners who want to familiarize more deeply with China to participate in cultural events at the Confucius Institute at AUL. Chinese guests gave a gift to radio station employees, published in the Chinese and Azerbaijani languages the book "Ilham Aliyev - the modern successor of the ancient people's friendship" dedicated to President Ilham Aliyev’s multilateral activities for the development of friendly relations between the two countries. The  director of Confucius Institute of AUL, Professor Rafig Abbasov noted that one of the main tasks of the Confucius Institute to establish partnership between mass media (the media) of Azerbaijan and China, especially to deliver the right information to Chinese community about modern socio-political, economic and cultural life of Azerbaijan, as well as  the importance of strengthening the exchange of information of China's main media - "Jenmin Jibao", "Chinese youth" newspapers and "Sinhua" news agency at the Confucius Institute.