Rector of AUL Kamal Abdulla met with students visiting Norway

20 june, 2017

On June 20 the rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), full member of ANAS Kamal Abdulla met with students attending the International Summer School of Oslo University in Norway. Greeting the students, the rector K.Abdulla said the university expects a lot from them. He said that today, wherever country Azerbaijani youth goes, they are protecting the homeland first: "You will actually protect homeland in Norway".

 Speaking about the conditions created by the national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev, the rector emphasized the importance of promoting Azerbaijan in other countries today. "You should gather the Norwegian youth around and make them friends of Azerbaijan". Speaking about the Club "Young Friends of Azerbaijan", the rector gave instructions to the students to involve the Norwegian youth in that club. He stressed that ties between the youths of the two countries should be further strengthened: "We look forward to doing so in this direction."

Vice-rector for International Relations, Associate Professor Jale Garibova gave detailed information about the project.

It should be noted that six students from the Scandinavian specialty and two of the academic staff of the University are expected to pass a 6-week course at the International Summer School in Oslo, according to the long-term (2016-2019) cooperation project between Oslo University and AUL. According to the project "Continuity of the Scandinavian Center in AUL", a lecturer from Oslo University will deliver a lecture to the Scandinavian students.

Let's also note that since 2007, 27 teachers and 68 students of Bachelor's degree participated in various courses at the International Summer School of Oslo University.