AUL hosts event to commemorate 20th January tragedy

19 january, 2022

An event dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages ​​on January 19. First, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the martyrs who died for the independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 

Rector of AUL, academician Kamal Abdulla spoke about the bloody terror committed by Soviet military units in Azerbaijan on the night of January 19-20, 1990 on the instructions of the former USSR leadership to break the will of our people.

It was brought to attention that a day after the tragedy, our national leader Heydar Aliyev visited the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan in Moscow and made a statement in which he strongly condemned the terrible crime committed by the Soviet leadership against our people. In the resolution adopted on March 29, 1994 for the first time at the state level, the full political and legal assessment of the tragedy of January 20 was given:''The statement of the Great Leader in Moscow about the position of the Azerbaijani people to the world was the event of great historic importance. I believe the souls of our martyrs rejoiced today. The memory of martyrs will always live in our hearts. Our shehids united our homeland at the cost of their lives and gave us the opportunity to hold our heads high. During the 44-day war, the people of Azerbaijan rallied as an iron fist around the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. We achieved victory thanks to our faith and love to our Motherland and proved that we were a nation worthy of victory. We must continue to demonstrate the culture of a nation which is a victorious nation. We want to build and live in peace and good neighborliness. Today we are in a stage of steady development. Each of us must contribute to this success and development''

Dean of the International Relations and Regional Studies Faculty, Professor Ibrahim Kazimbayli shared his views on the 20th January events. It was noted that Azerbaijani people took the first step towards restoration of their rights during the events of 20th January. The nation with old traditions of statehood rightly protested against the colonial policy, wishing the future generations to live in a happier and more prosperous country.

Head of the Department of Caucasian Studies and History of Azerbaijan, Associate Professor Gorkhmaz Mustafayev analyzed the tragedy of January 20 from a historical perspective: "The tragedy of January 20, 1990 is not only a tragedy in the history of Azerbaijan, but also a proof of the determination of our people. The road to restoration of independence is marked as a day of national pride. Nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev said: "January 20 is an example of heroism of Azerbaijani people in the name of national liberation and self-defense".

Lecturer of the Department of Regional Studies Orkhan Nabiyev said January 20 is engraved with blood of our people in history of Azerbaijan. He emphasized that although our nation has lost heroes, it has written glorious heroic history mixed with unwavering will of brave sons of the Motherland, unwavering spirit of the nation and determination to be independent. ''The souls of the shehids rest in peace on January 20, because today our state independence is being strengthened year after year in safe hands. Under leadership of the President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev brave army of Azerbaijan liberated our native lands from Armenian occupation, Azerbaijani flag is raised in these territories, life is revived due to big construction-restoration works.''

Kenul Bunyadzadeh, sister of shehid Ulvi Bunyadzadeh, correspondent member of ANAS, said she visits Azerbaijan University of Languages every year on the occasion of the Memorial Day. ''The memory of our sons and daughters who gave their lives for the nation is warmly honoured.''

At the end of the event Rena Shabanzadeh, a student of Group 141a of the Faculty of Philology, performed an art composition.