A roundtable on "Modern Azerbaijan Republic is the heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic" was held at AUL

06 october, 2017

On October 6, a roundtable on "Modern Azerbaijanis is the heir of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic" was held at the Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL).

Speaking at the event on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the Social Adviser to the rector of AUL Aladdin Aliyev said that the Republic is a source of pride for our nation. Saying that there is a great role of the generation of national intellectuals, who were the leaders of that time in the recognition of our country, Aliyev gave detailed information about their work.

Department Head of the Library Department, Gulluzar Mammadova, said that this event was a moral one. Noting that such events were traditionally held, Mammadova said that regardless of the profession, everyone should know Azerbaijani history perfectly.

Namig Karimov, a teacher of the Caucasian Studies Department, spoke on "The role and place of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in the history of modern Azerbaijan". He drew attention to the history before the establishment of the Republic, saying that the ADR has an invaluable track in our history. Later, N.Kerimov spoke about the history and activity of the APR and spoke about the dissemination of ideas of enlightenment with the participation of a number of prominent personalities, about the socio-political and cultural changes taking place in Azerbaijan, the formation and development of the national ideology.

Then, the students of the Faculty of Education Ilaha Balakishiyeva made speeches on the theme "The heir of the People's Republic of Azerbaijan" and Elshan Gahramanov made speeches on "Education and Enlightenment during the ADR".

The roundtable ended with answering questions of  students.