AUL held a special meeting devoted to the IV Islamic Solidarity Games

20 february, 2017
On February 20, a meeting was held on the project "Feel Closer"   in the framework of  "Grassroots" program  of  the IV Islamic Solidarity Games Baku 2017 at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL) . The first meeting took place at the University according to the project, which aims to promote the values of "Peace", "Respect", "Unity" and "Excellence" of Islamic Games and to organize a meeting with students of various higher education institutions of athlete ambassadors. The acting rector of AUL, Professor Afgan Abdullayev welcomed the participants of the meeting and noted that this is a momentous day. He said that every day Azerbaijan looks more powerful, those who are familiar with the capabilities of our power and sport are sure the IV Islamic Solidarity Games to be held in Baku in May 2017 will become a great historical event. Everyone knows what is capable of independent Azerbaijani state and its sport. Then A.Abdullayev spoke about the Islamic Games and Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan was honored to host the games in July 2013 in Jeddah Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) General Assembly and wished success to the athletes who will take part in competitions. Baku-2017 "Grassroots" program and Domestic Relations Manager Ulviyya Akbarova provided general information on Islamic Solidarity Games,   it is  the exciting multi-sport event that combines the Islamic world, she said. Then  she brought into the attention that  to increase the popularity of the sport carried out under "Grassroots" program  in the framework  of the Islamic Games games and an opportunity to demonstrate the value of games, to involve  young  athletes to the meeting held at AUL, as well as  to meet students with  their favorite athletes and to carry out  the propaganda of  the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games. Diplomats who attended the event, athlete Ilham Zekiyev, taekwondo fighter Farida Azizova, boxer Kamran Shahsuvarly and judoka Elmar Gasimov provided information on "Peace", "Respect", "Unity" and "Excellence" values of the Islamic Games. The meeting also was shown a video clip focused on the Islamic Solidarity Games and the achievements of sports ambassadors, the students' questions were answered.