Champion student of AUL

27 february, 2017
Uzbekistan Nargiza Jakbarova is satisfied of choosing Azerbaijan University of Languages Today, students from around the world study at Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL). Among the students to study at AUL is the citizen of Uzbekistan Nargiza Jakbarova. Student of the specialty of International studies of the School of Regional studies and  International relations of AUL N.Jakbarova  was born on July 7 in 1995 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. When she was at the age of 8-9  she watched "Arshin mal alan" and "Stepmom" in Uzbek TV channels  with great interest , our student  listened to the world-famous artist Zeyneb  Khanlarova  and special sympathy formed in herself. This love for our country, our sincerity, hospitality, culture played a positive role in the adaptation of N.Jakbarova to the Azerbaijani society: "The Azerbaijani people are very friendly, civilized and hospitable. The country's economic development and achievements in the field of sports, ancient history and rich cuisine is known to every country. Living here, to intermingle with people is not difficult. As for the relations between Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, I can say that these relations are based on friendship and brotherhood. Close national customs and traditions of the people, common language and culture unite these people. Currently, more than 40 thousand Azerbaijanis live in Uzbekistan. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre was opened in Tashkent. Works of Prominent poets and writers of the peoples of Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, such as  immortal Alisher Navoi, Nizami Gancavi and others are  masterpieces of world civilization, valuable resources. As a result, monuments after Alisher Navoi were erected in Baku, Nizami Gancavi in Tashkent ". N.Jakbarova is satisfied with choosing AUL: "Classes are conducted at the highest level at Azerbaijan University of Languages. I am very pleased both the teachers' training course, but also the care of management to the students. " N.Jakbarova interests include reading and sports. Without exaggeration we can say that our student develops herself both mentally and physically. For information, we can note that N.Jakbarova goes in for Karate-do of the WKC (World Karate Confederation).  She is the holder of first black belt on this kind of sport and the owner of World cup and republic champion.