A meeting with the Colombian writer was held at AUL

26 september, 2017

Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages (AUL), Acting member of ANAS, honored scientist Kamal Abdulla met with Colombian scientist, writer Conrado Zuago and Colombian Chargé d'Affaires Martha Galindo.

Welcoming the guests, Kamal Abdulla praised the arrival of Conrado Zuagon at AUL and thanked the guest.

The rector of AUL noted that the ancient and contemporary culture of Colombia is close to past and present culture of Azerbaijan.

Talking about the creativity of world-famous Colombian writer, journalist and Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Kamal Abdulla noted that Azerbaijani literary critics are familiar with all the works of Marquez and are highly appreciated.

Speaking about his meeting with world-renowned writer Umberto Eco, Italian philosopher Kamal Adbulla said they were discussing Marquez at that meeting.

Noting that Marquez will live forever in the hearts of people, the rector of the University said that Azerbaijan is closer to Latin America.

Speaking about the "Ambassador's Time" at the University, Kamal Abdulla invited Marta Galindo to deliver a lecture to students at AUL.

Marta Galindo said that she appreciated the proposal and said that she would be pleased to give lectures to the students.

Conrado Zuago thanked the university administration for its high hospitality and said that he felt honor to be at such a university.

Zuago expressed his satisfaction with the rector's statement that we have common values and added that after the acquaintance with Ali and Nino, this idea was further consolidated. He said Ali and Nino deserved a higher relationship.

After the meeting, Conrado Zuago told AUL students about Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Spanish.